Imari port opening of 50th anniversary Imari Minato Festival 2017

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of opening of port of Imari. There is 11/3 (Fri / Mon), 4, (Saturday), holds festivals and all Imari" history and development of the port of Imari to pray to commemorate. Venue is two places and bronzite district venue is sailing "Mirai to" of cruises as well as the seafood barbeques
and stage events 3


Implementation of the Forestry Department of fiscal 29 year preoccupation with wood promotion month

Spread the significance 0/2005 using the wood from the Ministry of forestry, operates as a national movement to increase domestic timber preoccupation with wood movement. Especially October as a preoccupation with wood promotion month this year various events across the country will be held. Saga, 10/22 Imari timber market in 12 County timber Festival (Bai's-can Festival)"

* Ministry of forestry website"" target="_blank">in 11/5 saga city


October is a month nationwide or nature trail walk

Cars these days, every day how do you walk? Ministry of the environment carries through every October and advocates awareness month nationwide or nature trails to walk and walk the nature trail, nature and friendship and to deepen their understanding of the nature of objective events. Long distance nature trails planned by the Ministry of the environment is widespread throughout the country, the total is nicknamed echo

Than * Environment Ministry of nature conservation Bureau National Park National Park use Promotion Division "NATS nature love Club"" target="_blank"> a Kyushu Kyushu nature trail extension 2920 km. Detailed routes please see NATS nature love Club home page. In addition


Saga Prefectural Museum of sci-fi DNA exhibition

Saga Prefectural Museum of fine arts, craftsmanship DNA exhibition of sci-fi monsters from the 9/29 held the 11/5. Godzilla in Japan and was released in 0/1954, miniature, plush sci-fi culture monster to China was opened. This exhibition focused on the work of the sculptor created a monster to attract children and adults and, exhibit dioramas and miniatures, such as tanks and rocket 200 Super suit monsters such as Godzilla and Mothra. Special skills coach job zone" and "sculptor work zone"
touch! Godzilla's skin


Do not touch the used solar panel!

The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications has surveyed the status of implementation of waste disposal etc. from the viewpoint of ensuring proper treatment of used solar panels and promoting reuse and recycling, and published the results. Since the mid-2030s, solar panels are expected to increase their emissions in line with the lapse of useful life. Even now, there are fears of electric shock and hazardous substance leakage due to panels damaged by disasters, etc. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications recommends to the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that it is necessary to thoroughly inform the implementation of risks such as electric shocks and implementation of preventive measures, and also regarding the construction of panel collection / proper disposal / recycling system including legal development doing.

* From the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website homepage


SAGA Hydrogen Station Tour Conference

In Saga Prefecture, we are working on the creation of hydrogen energy related industries, which are expected to further spread in the future, and contributing to the global environment. Therefore, in order to let you know the present state of hydrogen energy, we will organize tours of various facilities at Saga Hydrogen Station in Saga City on Thursday, October 26 and November 22 (Wednesday). Why do not you participate in companies in the prefecture that are interested in fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and hydrogen energy related industries that run with hydrogen as a fuel? The time is from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on both days. It is 20 people (in order of arrival) each time. For details on application, please visit the Saga prefectural office website.

* From Saga prefectural office website


Invited to Yoshinogari Historical Park with parenting and big tickets

In Saga Prefecture, as part of child rearing support project Child-rearing Ooga" Saga "
an invitation ticket" Child-rearing large ticket "2017 Fall" is distributed for Young Kanri Historical Park for children Limited time period from September 1 to November 30). In addition to the ruins


































9, Iori spring open to the public

5/3-5, scenic country 9 years-an will conduct spring open to the public. 9 news" name comes from the Meiji era and a major businessman Itami Yataro over nine years
6800 m² garden is made. MOSS designated as national scenic spot


Disaster waste disasters such as earthquakes and other cooperative agreements signing ceremony

Iwafuchi co.Ltd is a member of the Saga Prefectural industrial waste Association. 4/17, in association with kōhoku disaster waste disasters such as earthquakes and other cooperative agreements signing ceremony was held in the River town hall. By clarifying the responsibilities and roles of the parties involved in the Ministry of the environment in times of major disaster disaster waste management and stakeholder coordination and cooperation to build by purpose in response" to. As a member involved in disaster management of waste in our accordance with supporting activities and is cooperating."


Information of the Environment Ministry of heatstroke prevention information site heat index

Provides heat index for preventing heatstroke in the Ministry of the environment established the Environment Ministry of heatstroke prevention information site, 4/20 showing susceptibility to heat exhaustion up to 9/29, the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) forecasts and spot value. And heat index, incorporating thermal environment around the humidity and temperature in addition to indicators in the heat stroke prevention purposes is what was suggested in the United States in 1954. To select residential area information site is three PCs, smart phones, mobile phones, and you can usually heat index the heat index for each environment, such as parking, bus stop, children, gymnasium. Please take advantage.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Status of utilization of the March 26 year estimates food losses and food waste

Ministry of environment and Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and usage of food waste including food loss (Heisei 26 year EST.) announced. Food waste naturally eat approximately 27750000 tons (27970000 tons) last year, despite a Los Angeles food being disposed of is approximately 6210000 metric tons (6320000 tons in the previous year). Ministry of the environment is working on pulling more food loss reduction by the private national movement. For example, 3010 campaign urging banquet when eating alone is a part. The first 30 minutes of the banquet and last eat everyone with enough time to spread awareness flyer on the website, such as, dissemination activities.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Admire the fresh green [2017 Isahaya Azalea Festival.

Why don't you go to Nagasaki Isahaya Park 4/15, 16, 22 and 23, the bluish green and azalea? 2017 Isahaya Azalea Festival"
in 0/1918 citizens as "Isahaya attractions meet held for the first time in the 0/1952


Saga red brackish water and freshwater fish series 2016

Saga, saga rare wild biological research study of brackish and freshwater fishes Subcommittee established in the Heisei 25 fiscal year, conducted a study. Classified in IUCN Red list 2003, Saga Prefecture was created as freshwater fish" and "Ariake Sea creatures"
but this group is brackish and freshwater fish "molluscs


March 27-year kawasoe-Cho tourist clamming Ariake Sea creatures to meet

4/18-will be held March 27-year KAWAZOE town shellfish, 5/20, even up to 6 m in the Ariake Sea tidal range of experience. The biggest attraction that appears and wait for the tide, out in the middle of the Ocean on a ship this shellfish is a vast tidal flats, you can feel the mysterious and enormous power of the Ariake Sea! Moreover, blood cockle, clams, you can encounter unique luxury blue crab, Ariake Sea creatures. Departure from fishing the river Vice town 4. Charter boats and synergistic, but GW period multiplier boat is already maximum frame book of days, so for more information, see website. Contact us at kawasoe-Cho Tourism Committee (0952-20-2200) up.<br><br>* From saga city Tourism Association home page


Gourmet and live is super fun! Sage TV Super! Spring Festival 2017."

3/25 (Saturday), 26, including the famous (Sunday), Curry, enjoy free admission on saga a varied gastronomy and 6 Deluxe artists live Sage TV Super! Spring Festival 2017 "
will be held at Saga Castle History Museum


Based on the containers and packaging recycling law sorted collection and recycling of

Published, reviewed the achievements of the separated garbage collection of the municipality on the containers and packaging recycling law 0/2015 and recycling of Ministry of the environment. Municipalities will carry out sorted collection of selected colorless glass container, brown glass containers, containers and packaging made of paper, plastic bottles, 10 types of waste. For actual coverage in the population, and is the same as the previous year, the separated garbage collection amount fell brown glass containers, containers and packaging made of paper, beverage containers made of paper and steel containers. Also when it comes to recycling performance, and other colored glass containers, plastic containers, aluminum containers, corrugated cardboard containers compared to last year, has increased slightly.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Compact electronic equipment no longer needed in the Tokyo Olympics medals

Tokyo and recovered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building 2/16 more compact electronic equipment no longer needed for medal production by 2020, making Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee made from" urban mines! Share the medal project "to offer and announced. Collected is a small electronic device 9 items (such as a mobile phone
digital camera


-AHA! Environmental terms-light pollution (pollution)."

Refers to the various implications for insufficient consideration to the landscape, such as light pollution (pollution) and is the installation of lighting and light is bad and hard to see the stars and the local environment. Light pollution is not only a waste of energy, as well as the impact on wildlife issues. Provides a checklist to make when designing and installing lighting to prevent light pollution in the Ministry of the environment, and create educational brochures to avoid light pollution. Also has raised and issues to consider when replacing the LED lighting is being used as in recent years, high energy efficiency, too. Why don't you take a look at the review the familiar light pollution?<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


No. 27 times Ogi SanLiTun Ushio plum Festival."

3/4 (Saturday)-5 (Sunday) 9 pm-17, Ogi SanLiTun Ushio shrine and Ushio Summit parking lot at the Ushio plum Festival" will be held. Ushio plum trees bloom of the plum tree of about 7


Meeting on March 28 at waste energy utilization

Better utilization of waste energy, it is important to do a study from the planning stage of the waste disposal facilities in an integrated manner including energy utilization on. There is the Ministry of the environment, including power and residual heat utilization of waste energy utilization to help you waste energy advanced manual (draft)"
and held a briefing for local governments and private business operators


Ichimatsu to get back Rainbow Matsubara clean campaign""

2/26 (Sunday) nine-10:30, held a Rainbow Matsubara clean campaign" in Karatsu
saga. Rainbow is counted in one of three Japan-no-Matsubara


Saga of waste treatment plan (draft) opinions"

Formulated to ensure the realization of a recycling-oriented society in Saga Prefecture, saga of waste treatment planning and promoting measures for the disposal of waste. Due to changes in the current plan is developed in the 12/2011, then the surrounding law and waste situation, formulate a new plan. Please see public comments (citizens ' comment submission procedure) to recruit citizens ' opinions. Says recruiting is up to 2/10. In any form of submission, your name and address is required. You can get the details and issues of waste, materials from the website below. Do you try it look at restless candid opinions?<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Illegal dumping of used electrical items 4, last year at 6.6 percent

Ministry of the environment and 69700 (74600 units in the previous year) and appliances were dumping in the 27th year of Heisei 4 items (air conditioning, TV, fridge / freezer, washing machine and dryer) number (estimated), 6.6 percent decline announced. Breakdown is a cathode-ray tube TVs 62.2% and accounted for 6% of the total, LCD / Plasma TV 6.2 percent, refrigerators / freezers, 20.2%, washing machines and dryers are 9.8%, and 1.5% are air conditioning. -Patrol monitoring, there are a number of cases, are working in conjunction with residents and the police have taken measures for the illegal dumping prevention awareness, patrol the city at more than 9 percent. Ministry of the environment is a policy continues to promote proper recycling of home appliances and electronics.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Eco-friendly living seminar online" and "use" consider "throw away""

1/24 (Tuesday), at the hotel New Otani saga, environmentally friendly livelihood seminars will be held. To resolve various issues, such as global warming and depletion of resources, and waste issues, reviewing each one of our consciousness, behavior is important. You can start to cause regarded from the viewpoint of environment" to "throw away"
buy and invited two people


About the situation of the illegal dumping of industrial waste (FY-27 years)

Ministry of the environment has published about situations such as the dumping of industrial waste 0/2015 late last year. Significantly reduced compared to early March 10 peak, can see certain results. And 143 the number of illegal dumping on newly revealed last year decreased 22 but amount of illegal dumping 166000 tonnes and increasing 137000 tonnes more than the previous year. Also not for improper handling in 0/2015 year 261 views, total 407000 tonnes new found and had yet to eradicate it. Ministry of the environment is a policy which promotes the efforts of prevention will continue to focus on cooperation and strengthening of monitoring activities and State, according to the early detection and prevention of expansion by early.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Happy new year

Respectfully, Lilli.<br>Giving us the patronage bestowed on exceptional, thank you.<br>Iwafuchi co.Ltd is promoting the recycling of waste through recycling<br>And look forward to further efforts towards the conservation of the natural environment.<br>2017, even clean earth to future generations" to<br>We will continue working on activities rooted in the local and global environment.<br>Continued support this year and we will ask.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co.



End-of-message from the President

Your continued patronage of this year and would like to thank. Also we were affected by the earthquake in Kumamoto, condolences from the heart. The iwafuchi co., Ltd. factory tour and received a sound material-cycle society formation promotion award Environment Minister award as the 3R activities company late last year, and by 2016, companies and organizations of an elementary school, as well as local engaged in clean-up activities, such as community-based activities. It is in our further efforts to continue the company to contribute to building a sound material-cycle society through recycling. Pray sincerely wishes with a prosperous years come.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.


Recycling BRING PLA-PLUS (just) projects

Ministry of the environment, recycling collection by proven business BRING PLA-PLUS (just) project" in cooperation with 57 exhibitors started from 12/12. This is a project that no separate collection and recycling plastic products
such as toys


-AHA! Environmental terms-wave activity

And the green wave activities determined by the United Nations hope that this activity will spread like waves on the Earth 5/22 International Biodiversity Day" to youth all over the world
children in the school and community tree planting


Symphony Orchestra of Yoshino Ke-RI light to the light and flame""

12/10 (Saturday)-25, (Sunday) weekends and holidays for 7 days only, the Yoshino yoshinogari historical remains park surrounded by light and flame" events will be held. Was held on 10


Think about marine litter lectures conducted school recruitment

Announced to conduct lectures on marine debris and sending experts to the Ministry of the environment of marine litter has become a world-wide problem for national high school, a vocational high school. Ecological impact is concerned, the problem of plastic waste in the ocean, as problems to be solved in the G7 Ise Shima Summit, including universal asked the high level of interest. Easy-to-understand approximately 1-2 hours, then dispatched marine debris expert lectures, lectures will be. The high school students, high school students and teachers, recruiting period is up to 12/16. Contact us and request to the Ministry of the environment, atmospheric environment agency water environment Marine Environment Division (03-5521-9025).<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


12/3 see agriculture and food Community Festival.

12/3 (Saturday), at the agricultural research center of kawasoe-Cho, Saga Agriculture and food Community Festival & national great harvest festival" will be held. Rice pickpocket stories and the direct sales of agricultural products and B-class gourmet events tours for tasting during development of rice
vegetable and flower greenhouses will be held! Also unique to University of agriculture and technology


12/18, black-faced spoonbills observation Committee in Yatsushiro

12/18 (Sunday), Japan Wild Bird Society of Kumamoto branch in Yatsushiro whole conduct black-faced spoonbill watching" as a part of nature. And instructor learn more ecological
such as black-faced spoonbills in the Yatsushiro sea


Recruiting Saga Prefecture 3R Promotion only eat the Kyushu's cooperative store""

News from Saga Prefecture, recycling-oriented society Promotion Division. Store recycling and reduction of discarded yet eaten in the Kyushu 7 prefectures (Fukuoka, saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture), food losses" for the call only to guests "eat" and food loss reduced cooperation and contributing to initiatives to recruit. Cooperation and support stores and issued for public awareness posters


11/19-20 best saga FES 2016""

By 11/19 (Saturday) / 20, (Sunday), Saga and saga TV, music and gastronomy and art together best saga FES 2016" held. 326 and ditch unlocking other saga artist
OKAMOTO's and chay appeared live on stage as a guest! Admission around saga Castle History Museum


Cold weather wise biz period

Ministry of the environment, from 11/1 to 3/31 and promotes global warming warm biz period" of winter. Anyone have warm share rather than in the biz at room temperature 20 degrees recommends use of heating equipment will you use each heating
families gather in one room


Removing seasonal variation in all atmospheric CO2 concentration is greater than 400 ppm

Ministry of the environment, Earth's atmosphere overall (all air pollutants)" of where carbon dioxide average concentration has been an interim analysis in 5/2016 removed 2/2016 seasonal variation in concentrations (estimated annual average concentration) for the first time more than 400 ppm
and released. Also the maximum monthly mean concentration in 12/2015 for the first time exceeded 400 ppm recorded 402.3 ppm would best past 5/2016. Greenhouse gases observing satellite "Ibuki" (GOSAT) is used in the observation


The fun Saga Prefectural weighing square""

Balance" is an integral part of our lives. 11/19 (Saturday) 10:00-17: the Yamato of Yamato-Cho
saga Road station at the Breeze Center Heisei 28 "Saga Prefectural weighing square" will be held. "Balance" in a nutshell though


Gallant, Karen, uplifting Imari fall festival 2016""

10/22 (Saturday), 23 2 days (Sunday) of the citizen participation in the Festival is known as Imari Autumn Festival" will be held. I was wasshoi parade
plus an annual brass band Festival


Scenery in the autumn after months peak mountain climbing

10/22 (Saturday), Kashima's natural museum Palm mites, conduct after months peak climbing in autumn. You can enjoy the feeling of conquering the strongmen in the prefecture's highest with views from the top of 1076 m. You can join the assured even beginners to accompany guides and medics. Participation fee is 1000 yen
includes lunch and insurance premiums. From Hizen-Kashima station 25 minutes by car nature of Hirata Takahiro to 9 set


October is the 3R Promotion monthly."

3R Promotion month is October. 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), Ministry of economy, trade and industry, including related eight ministries * in is the 3R through understanding and cooperation for the wider nation outreach activities; 41 events are held in the country, in Saga Prefecture, see implementing sagaand dubbed


Note that Redback Spider (IASs)

Redback spider was discovered in residential premises in tosu city of 9/23 and 24, in the Saga Prefectural Government attention. Redback spider, is provided in the invasive alien species native to Australia. Has the poison bite is rarely so caution is required. ABT not only females 0.7-1 cm have a poison, in the Red throughout in black stood out on the back of the abdomen. Feeling pain and being bitten by a stinging on hands and eventually swell, turn red. You may do a large amount of sweat and had chills and nausea. Wash the wound may reduce symptoms if bitten, cool as ice, admitted in a medical institution as soon as possible.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


National elementary and junior high students recycled paper" contest 2016"

Looking for ideas of school in 2016 the recycled paper" contest sponsored by the waste paper recycling promotion and practice. Is to collect used newspapers and magazines
paper cartons such as "recycled paper" and made into paper products and reuse. Recruitment Division has two types of essay and poster theme presents the activities of the recycling law in the family


Ozone layer protection measures promote awareness month is September,

In Japan September as ozone layer protection measures promotion month every year on measures to protect the ozone layer, CFCs and other outreach activities conducts. Ozone layer absorbs most of the harmful ultraviolet sun rays and acts as a barrier protecting life on Earth, but by 2015, the ozone hole has reached 10/9 maximum area 27800000 km2 (the size of two times of the Antarctic continent). So in our country, for the protection of the ozone layer committed to recovery of CFCs. Take a look at work on the measures or proper disposal when disposing of household refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning on the home appliance recycling law, or select a non-freon products when you purchase at home.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


10/23 fruit experiment station published day participants

To hold fruit experiment station published day saga fruit Experiment Station (Ogi Ogi town), 10/23, looking for grade 4-6 students. Participation is free of charge, participants are children and their parents in their 20-40 persons (if the number of application deadline, applicants drawn 9/30). With Orchard tour and machinery exhibition, fruit picking, quiz, parents can enjoy the event! It is our chance to know pleasure always lined with Super fruit is the tree and the harvest. How to apply applicants and details can be found on the homepage of the Saga Prefectural Government.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Domestic or Office 33 and I'm all the way National Park" birth"

9/15, northern part of Okinawa Prefecture (aka: and I bulky), in 33 places National Park and I Yanbaru National Park" was born. And I'm all spread the largest subtropical Evergreen forest region
the history of the Islands was formed to reflect the formation of the Ryukyu Islands of Habitat and growth


Conducted a study in Ureshino municipal Yoshida elementary school

Today conducted a study in Ureshino municipal Yoshida elementary school. 3.4 grade or seen to pulp samples gave the invited experience teaching. Thank you very much.<br>Pattern of environmental education are UP on Facebook, so please check there also.


[ACT CLEAN SAGA] to have been participating

Day 27, [ACT CLEAN SAGA: Saga TV host to our iwafuchi employees participated in. Ariake Sea clean-up blitz by 2015 of joint venture [ACTCLEANSAGA] looking to participate in approximately 1000 attendees, this year everyone shed sweat clean-up activities.<br>From small children to the elderly without losing heat and came hard.<br>Practice to consider environmental problems from one familiar place, from the saga for the conservation of the environment. It was very meaningful time as saying.<br>From a really early in the morning thank you.


Today conducted a study in kitamachi tatsue North elementary school

Grade the quiz and invited fun classes have gotten, is very good.<br>Pattern of environmental education are UP on Facebook, so please check there also.


Opening ceremony for saga city waste incineration plant 'CO2 separation and recovery plant.

Saga city was government collaboration in CO2 equipment from a few years ago. And 8/26, opening ceremony for CO2 separation and recovery plant will be held in saga city incineration plant. This facility is established in saga city incineration plant waste power generation facilities with the help of the Ministry of the environment, from waste incineration gas CO2 recovery. The captured CO2 to utilize algae, used materials such as cosmetics and supplements ingredients extracted from algae. This is Japan's first efforts to demonstrate the feasibility of CO2 capture from waste plant and use. The ceremony is at 11:00-, will be held in saga city incineration plant.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Were still free Yume Ginga" to go"

Saga Prefecture Space Science Center Yume Ginga" organizes free research workshop 8/31 to a great summer project and free research lab. Free research workshop
make your own air rifles and basic walk


Summer special 'touching the Earth summerin Kashima"

From 8/23 to 28 in Kashima city lifelong learning center and able 'touching the Earth summerheld in Kashima. Pride of place
is a digital earth wonders theater. Ever-changing future forward that global warming is a huge digital globe 130 cm in diameter


Please note that the heat stroke

Summer of 2016, has been nationally than average high temperatures and severe heat. Saga Prefecture emergency transfer patients suspected heat stroke continue to rely on the Web site are cautioned.<br>-Temperature standards 28 to 31 degrees in heavily policed and is cautioned to go out in the Sun.<br>-Temperature is 31 degrees Celsius and the risk of resting State seniors.<br>More (in everyday life of Japan raw weather of heatstroke Prevention Guide Ver.3)<br>Symptoms of heat exhaustion is not uniform. Try to prevent heatstroke heatstroke prevention site of the Ministry of the environment, such as leverage, to drink water frequently and salt supplementation.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


-AHA! Environmental terms-hydrogen society

Hydrogen can be produced from various primary energy such as petroleum and natural gas, has attracted attention as a next-generation energy alternatives to fossil fuels, because it does not emit any CO2 in the use phase. Refers to the society a hydrogen society" and hydrogen to utilization as a major energy source in daily life and industrial activities. Includes research and development toward hydrogen society all over the world
including Japan


-AHA! Environmental terms-hydrogen society

Hydrogen can be produced from various primary energy such as petroleum and natural gas, has attracted attention as a next-generation energy alternatives to fossil fuels, because it does not emit any CO2 in the use phase. Refers to the society a hydrogen society" and hydrogen to utilization as a major energy source in daily life and industrial activities. Includes research and development toward hydrogen society all over the world
including Japan


Held in the Museum's first in the nation! Kingdom in saga."

From 7/30 9/4 to commemorate the Kingdom series 10th anniversary at Saga Prefectural Museum of art, will hold a Kingdom in Saga". The Kingdom in the manga has been serialized in weekly young jump
is China's spring and Autumn Warring States period painted war-torn world stage


8/11 mountain day" go to the mountains!"

Starting this year, 8/11 is mountain day" national holiday. In the Ministry of the environment
every July from 21 September until the 8/20 one month run-up to commune with nature and has. Deepen the understanding of nature to commune with nature in the national parks


Projection mapping colors the night saga

Saga Prefecture is Tokyo Tower, abeno NAKED (naked), designation and has succeeded at night projection mapping, and ask General Director 7/18 Saga Prefectural prospect Hall in Kyushu, Japan's first permanent exhibition art after dark in SAGA" is held. The concept is "light of the saga". Saga revives the saga Castle scene
scenes hot air balloon soars in the sky


Water quality of bathing 28 year of Heisei (up front)

The Ministry of the environment, 4/2016 early-closed water quality survey results of bathing (up front) early June conducted by local governments nationwide. Everything was as bathing water suitable bath 818 place survey results were obtained. Water quality Division suitable" (AA water quality or water quality A) bathing experience is 683 locations
accounted for 83% of the total. Examines 10 bathing in Saga Prefecture


8/6 observation of water resources development facilities recruitment

8/1-water week is seven days. Hold the Saga Prefecture, chikugo River downstream region Environmental Committee, 8/6 (Saturday), grade 4-6 years of Saga Prefecture was targeted in the chikugo River basin and water resources development facilities tours. Hall is North kitashigeyasu purification, chikugo Weir, chikugo River downstream irrigation facilities, egawa dam. Participation is free of charge, egawa dam dam dam body in places that you can. Application period is from 8/1 (capacity: 30 persons, closed). It is a chance, considering the importance of water in summer. For more information and application form please see the Saga Prefectural Government homepage.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


It's not just the ruins! Yoshinogari Historical Park

Yoshino yoshinogari historical remains Park is the original zone of the ancient West, athletics, roller slide, fluffy Dome, BIC ball playground a lot! And 7/16-8/14, can observe beetles in the kabutomsihaus of the most popular each year. And established the North area in 7/23, more playgrounds, accessible to the ancient forest zone along with the increase in the parking lot. In addition, East area caused tour old buildings and household tools, weapons, making Magatama, and fire, also you can try. Have a ticket to parenting" which is available from 7/1 or family trip on the Yoshino yoshinogari historical remains Park?<br><br>Than * Saga Prefectural Government homepage "sagace."


Electronics recycling experience at 0/2015

0/2015 released by the Ministry of the environment electronics recycling experience about 10880000 units and appliances 4 items were adopted in the designated operator of the country, had increased 0.1% compared to the prior year. Situations such as the recycling of the air conditioning 93% (statutory standards 80%), in cathode-ray tube TV 73% (55%), in LCD and plasma TVs 89% (74%), electric refrigerators and freezers 82% (70%), in the washing machine and clothes dryer 90% (82%) with, recycling rate exceeds the statutory standard has been achieved. 4/2001 home appliances recycling law, consumers, retailers, promotes recycling, etc., make appropriate custody home appliances manufacturers, etc,.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


-AHA! Environmental terms-lead pipe""

When carrying water from the potable water pipes are made of lead in what is known as lead pipe". But our goal "as much as possible early on to zero" in 2004
notifies the offices could pose health hazards


Award paper group collecting blue-chip organizations

Collective collection blue-chip organizations sponsored by the waste paper recycling promotion 6/7/2016, the award ceremony was held in Fukuoka City. Eligible certificate of appreciation issued 1 group collection, past more than five years and is also received a recommendation from a paper supplier recommendation standards organizations have continued more than five times per year, organizations can continue to deliver a remarkable 2. waste paper collection is expected. This year of Nakasato-machi, Nagasaki City Nakano community" like
total eight groups was honored as a blue-chip organizations. Holding a party then was presented a certificate of appreciation at the presentation ceremony


Daishoji ajisai Matsuri" Festival ""

6/5-30, Takeo in the northern town of daishoji (daishouji) ajisai Matsuri" Festival "takes place. Daishoji is counted in one of Japan's three great fudoson Temple in 709
the temple was the temple. Also known as ajisai Temple also known as the precincts all over the about 5


To the material by recycling strategy map

Ministry of the environment, was an interim report towards the reduction of the environmental impact of materials by recycling investigated. So far, know that annual emissions around 10 million tonnes, largely destroyed in the present situation, 18 million tons of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions is plastic. On the other hand the glass found that recycles about half of annual emissions 2700000 tons in greenhouse gas reductions of CO2 around 270000 tonnes. Ministry of the environment is committed to promote the recycling of glass and plastic, contributing to greenhouse gas reduction based on these.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Baby join OK! Of first planetarium

Saga Prefecture Space Science Center Yume Ginga"
6/5 (Sunday) 11:00-11:40 will hold the first of a planetarium. Always looks to quiet the hotel is projected onto the screen together without hesitation even small children enjoy this event so


Heisei 28 in unison home landscaping activities""

6/5 is the environmental beautification citizens ' action day. Saga Prefecture in 20 cities and towns to promote the creation of comfortable environments and beautify every year environmental beautification citizens ' behavior, focusing on people, organizations, businesses, Government as a whole, and also conducts in unison home landscaping activities". Participants will
about 150000 people in Saga Prefecture as a whole. Kōhoku


Space fantasy 21st annual Firefly Festival""

5/21-21 Firefly Festival 6/5, Takeo Takeo Onsen Resort Village area, of about 10000 Auld Lang Syne dance will be held. And recreation village Creek promenade traffic restrictions during the period, Firefly watching area and is surrounded by a fantastic space. Also include 5/29 (Sunday) resort village offers some discounts open to oshikura manju water competitions and stage events and fun events! For more information, please contact Saga Prefecture space science Hotel &amp; Resort Village Secretariat 0954-20-1666.<br><br>* Takeo City Tourism Association home page


France, disposable plastic bags selling Prohibition Ordinance gazetted

France-environment-marine energy was publicly Ordinance to abolish the disposable plastic bags. Difficult recovery after the use of plastic bags in the natural world taken for, are concerned about impacts to marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, has significantly reduced in, such as Finland, Denmark and Ireland. In France, disposable plastic bags was banned from 7/1/2016 and from 1/1/2017 plants, such as in the raw materials and then home composting can by bio-based bag can be used. It also has and has already produced a bag of bio-based companies but will create 3,000 jobs in r &amp; d and manufacturing.<br><br>* EIC net more


Kumamoto earthquake with damage to waste incinerators

Of the treatment facility in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture located 25 burnable large ASO Environmental Center and innovation" does not stand the prospect of resuming the four facilities mashiki clean Center
Eastern environmental factory Mifune kousa clean Center stops working due to damage to the building and. And also disaster wastes an enormous amount of processing are in and so far cannot handle the 19 municipalities and has issued requests for assistance. Struck Eastern Japan


Shops in Saga Prefecture in Kyushu eco-points can be used

When living in Kyushu, Japan [Kyushu eco points and participation in environmental protection
such as thinning


Remaining years of industrial waste landfill in Tokyo metropolitan area only 5.2 years

Ministry of the environment, including the conditions concerning the establishment of industrial waste treatment facilities of industrial waste disposal permit, conduct surveys to understand the remaining capacity of the landfill of waste, etc., for 平成 25 年度 実績 released. Establishment of industrial waste treatment facilities were intermediate processing facility 18691 results vs. previous year 138 ¥, landfill 1880 views (versus previous year 62 reduction). Also from the remaining capacity of the landfill final disposal amount of 0/2013 and 4/1/2014 present estimates of the remaining years of the landfill was 14.7 years in Japan, but in the metropolitan area 5.2 years and still has shown that, in a difficult situation.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Contact us for business change management company

Dear Sirs we more and more shareholders and congratulations.<br>The iwafuchi NTT DoCoMo Inc. Division (DoCoMo shop saga Nishi, DoCoMo shop, mikazuki, DoCoMo shop kouhoku 3 stores) to transfer the business from 4/21/2016. Forever in extending patronage that sincerely.<br>Thank you, DoCoMo Shop 3 store sales would be below co., Ltd. Fujitsu Personals will take over, so understanding and patronage continued.<br>Has the document first, forgive, but we would like to guide you, greetings.<br><br>Kind regards<br><br>Iwafuchi co.Ltd<br>Representative Director Fuchi Keita<br><br>SL<br><br>Business transfer company<br>Ltd. Fujitsu personals<br>Shinagawa Intercity Bldg B, 108-8221, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 2-15-2, Head Office<br>Phone number 03-5781-1111


Contact us for business change management company

Dear Sirs we more and more shareholders and congratulations.<br>The iwafuchi NTT DoCoMo Inc. Division (DoCoMo shop saga Nishi, DoCoMo shop, mikazuki, DoCoMo shop kouhoku 3 stores) to transfer the business from 4/21/2016. Forever in extending patronage that sincerely.<br>Thank you, DoCoMo Shop 3 store sales would be below co., Ltd. Fujitsu Personals will take over, so understanding and patronage continued.<br>Has the document first, forgive, but we would like to guide you, greetings.<br><br>Kind regards<br><br>Co., Ltd. iwafuchi Representative Director Fuchi Keita<br><br>SL<br><br>Business transfer company<br>Ltd. Fujitsu personals<br>Shinagawa Intercity Bldg B, 108-8221, Tokyo, Minato-ku, Konan 2-15-2, Head Office<br>Phone number 03-5781-1111<br>


Kumamoto earthquake, and expressed his heartfelt sympathy and condolences.

4/14/2016 series of earthquakes that have caused extensive damage, many lives were lost.<br>We would like to express my condolences with the victims, those who were sacrificed as the iwafuchi group sincerely sympathies.


Friendly reduce reuse initiatives case studies released

From the slow of the 3Rs reduce non-recycling and reuse efforts in Japan, Ministry of the environment created collected examples of advanced country reduce and reuse initiatives compendium of case studies. 6 22 case introduced the last time was two years ago
but this time 8 field 35 cases


-AHA! Environmental terms-biodegradable plastics""

Being biodegradable biodegradable (composition in Japanese) plastic, as plastic raw materials and oil is common, but, are made from raw materials eventually return. For example, a mixture of natural systems such as Chitosan non-oil raw materials contained in the shell of a crab, bio polyester is made from bacteria and fungi to microbial and chemical synthesis and these. Recycle for the biodegradable plastics are burned without decomposing into water and CO2 continues to increase measures used in the nature of products and can be used after making it difficult areas is expected.


Bota Wanpaku Park enjoy grass skiing with cherry blossoms

In Bota Wanpaku Park in Saga Prefecture, kōhoku-ōmachi flourished as a town in kishima coal mines since the Meiji era, undergoing a cherry blossom viewing season. By using slag heap known as local recreation area, this park offers grass skiing is very popular (free)! Artificial grass ski area of 38.5 m long and inclined 14-18 degrees, sled with out slipping from the top in the administration building. Caretaker absence of grass skiing available table fill the name OK! So have other small children can enjoy the playground and dog run, lead to family health birds! Spring in the great but why not? Enquiries Omachi town park planning Division (0952-82-3112).<br><br>* Town of Omachi station website


Dioxins in exhaust gas of incineration of waste, reduced by approximately 6%

3/25, Ministry of the environment's measurements of the levels of dioxins in flue gas from waste incinerators across the country for one year (from 4/1/2014 to 3/31/2015) has been released. Estimates of the total amount of dioxins emitted from waste incinerators across the country during this year is about 46g-TEQ / year (breakdown waste incineration facility is about 27g-TEQ / year and industrial waste incinerators about 19g-TEQ / year), and last year's emissions are reduced by about 6% from approximately 49g-TEQ per year. Dioxin special measures law, municipal waste 33g-TEQ per year, industrial waste is 35g-TEQ per year and goals, and has achieved the goal with the track record of 0/2014.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


3/19 ~ Yume Ginga-2016, 2016 spring exhibitionby Coro""

Saga Prefecture Space Science Center Yume Ginga"
hold "by Coro 2016" up to 5/8 from 3/19. Event equipment and Bicol roller roller rolling marbles to make the reputation held since 2011


CO2 emissions are reduced in draining garbage!

Approximately 4% of household garbage is garbage, the majority has said the water. Garbage a day puts the burden on the environment and take the CO2 emissions increases over time to burn to win cause strong odor. So, will lead to eliminate these problems if draining is done before discarding garbage in your home, even a little. Squeeze by hand before throwing away such how to drain using drain NET is enabled. Also, it is important to throwing away cooking offal for profit if you disconnect the parts cannot be used, such as vegetables, dry container. See saga website also recommends that waste drainer since.<br><br>* Saga city homepage


3/4-6 antique city of saga castle town spring""

Antique city of saga castle town spring"
as Kyushu's largest antiques fair every year in spring and autumn are held. Which various parts of Western antiques including porcelain


-AHA! Environmental terms-fly ash (hibai)."

Recovered, from the bottom of the incinerator to handle garbage, such as incinerators, ash"


From the illegal dumping of appliances 4 items the previous year decreased 19.4%

Ministry of the environment and illegal dumping number (estimated) of 0/2014 appliances 4 items (air conditioning, TV, fridge / freezer, washing machine and dryer) 74600-(92500 units in the previous year), 19.4 percent decline announced. 4 items all have declined from the previous year, although according to the breakdown of the TV cathode-ray tube TV is 23.9% decrease, but LCD and plasma display TVs is 37.2 percent year on year. Also been 3590 is the illegal dumping of waste computers, still, caution is advised. Ministry of the environment is a policy promoting the recycling of home appliances and electronics, as well as addressing the illegal dumping of illegal waste recovery operators.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


3/3 are on the World Wildlife

According to the world wild life on 3/3 Ministry of the environment and the Ministry of economy
trade and industry


Tips, free to distribute the pruned branches

Saga city waste incineration plant (Saga tree Cho) and kawasoe, pruning branches as garbage brought in the East give Yoga cleaning Center (kawasoe-Cho, saga), and recycled as chips, free to distribute. Difficult to grow the weed cover on the surface of the soil, gardening tips, will be difficult to dry soil. It can also be used as a cushioning material and pavement or human effort, or use to make compost. For the distribution and the distribution date, to bring see saga website details may vary, each one.<br><br>* Saga city homepage


The aim of the marine energy industry saga

Marine energy can produce electricity from sea breezes and ocean currents, is one of the renewable energy future spread is expected. Saga Prefectural Karatsu Kabe island off the seas demonstration fields chosen by the country and even as a aims at dissemination of marine energy, has not featured in other provinces, such as the location of the nation's only marine energy r &amp; d Center (Saga University), and local fishery and cooperation environment attracting attention from across the country. These regional characteristics to ensure the combined with industry, academic institutions, business organizations, financial institutions, while the creation of the marine energy industry, aiming at revitalization we will move forward.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Today the total rally of iwafuchi group was held at Grande saga fushinoke.

Lottery raffle secular win commitment from each Department and service awards, prizes and a long-service award ' in<br>We also up more than 28 years.<br>Be able to deepen the friendship between employees in the total rally. Future concerted iwafuchi group<br>We will continue to devote every day. Your guidance and encouragement, thank you.


-AHA! Environmental terms-urban mines""

Is the coined the concept urban mines" and
being used and discarded appliances and mobile phones


In 2016

but agricultural Festival" held"
2/3-5 days 7 days Ariake saga Airport East come according to the JA group organized by saga in 2016


Happy new year

Respectfully, sincerely wishes for the new year.<br>Giving us the patronage bestowed on exceptional, thank you.<br>Iwafuchi co.Ltd is promoting the recycling of waste through recycling<br>And look forward to further efforts towards the conservation of the natural environment.<br>In 2016, even clean earth to future generations" to<br>Get back to basics and step by step we will continue working steadily.<br>Continued support this year and we will ask.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co.



End-of-message from the President

Remain by the year 2015 it became slightly. This year iwafuchi co.Ltd 3R achieved the feat of the circulation-type society formation promotion award Environment Minister award as a blue-chip company, my company unforgettable year. This award, as well as waste reduction and recycling use and is rated as the effort continues well into the future. Company continues to work even harder to realize in our future through the recycling business nature and are. Years come and look forward to your support we will ask.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.


Arita established 400th anniversary both old and new material ceramics exhibition""

Saga Prefecture Space Science Center Yume Ginga"
2/14/2016 from organizes "old but new material ceramics exhibition". Next year


2016 year sea waste Symposium

Have you seen the shores of off-season? Over the sea and the flowing sea trash problem year after year aggravated. Ocean trash is transported away from the points raised, the pollution extends to a wide range. For plastic products such as plastic bottles are not broken down in nature in particular, remain in the environment indefinitely, the impact on the marine environment and biodiversity and ecosystems are concerned about. Ocean trash problem is to be solved worldwide challenges. 1/23/2016, 24, will be held in Shinagawa campus, Tokyo University of marine 2016 new year Symposium on Ocean litter. If you are interested in, so anyone can join look at home page of the Ministry of the environment!<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


1/24 held on Sunday weekly Taku's Aquarium."

Taku-shi town's Art Studio, bond but is every week until the 1/24 on Sunday from 11: 17: Taku's Aquarium-Downtown Aquarium-" (closed on 1/3) has been held. Provides children opportunities in Taku city average energy project planning and cooperation of saga University accredited organizations 'Green Nexus
touching saga of aquatic organisms. The exhibited Chinese soft-shelled turtle captured in Saga Prefecture about 12 tanks


0/2014 pollution complaints 74785 results

11/30 the environmental dispute Coordination Committee reception and processing status of local governments across the country for pollution complaints received on March 26, 2003 at once released. 74785 results, the number of pollution complaints declined 2173 views (2.8%) compared to the previous year. Breakdown of the number of the typical 7-emission (51912 views), noise (33.1%) air pollution (30.6%)"stink (19.2%). and "water pollution (13.2%). continues. Recently five-year trend has increased "noise". On the other hand
of the typical 7-emission non-admission number (22873 views)-waste dumping is 45.3% and has decreased compared to the previous year 434. Continue in the same meeting the pollution information in daily life widely accept over the phone or via email.<br><br>* Ministry of Internal Affairs and communications more"


Iwafuchi won the circulation-type society formation promotion award Environment Minister Award

It is intended to advance the realization of a recycling-oriented society had outstanding contributions to the promotion and circulation-type society formation promotion award Environment Minister award on March 18, 2003 provided by the Ministry of the environment, an appropriate reduction of the generation of waste (reduce), reuse (reuse), recycling (recycling) as the 3R activities company, individuals, companies, associations and awards. Whats the ratings as the companies achieved a significant reduction of waste and recycling of base company pertaining to the business such as factories, offices, and the effort continues well into the future. Iwafuchi, and protect nature for our children's future to continue the 3R activities.<br>


-AHA! Environmental glossary-Treaty of Basel and Basel Act

International treaty provisions of the permit for exporting hazardous waste with the Basel Convention, or advance notice, improper export or disposal if required, in 1993, joined the Japan. And the Basel law in domestic law for the Basel Convention implementation, officially referred to as the law on import and export of certain hazardous waste regulation". Thinks Japan environmental sanitation Centre
trying to import and export cargo (metal scrap


Are the illustrations on the cover of the environment white paper opportunities

Perform 28 2006 Edition environment white paper front cover picture competition so that the opportunity in the Ministry of the environment, the generation has interest in environmental issues, etc. This competition became the 18th in the Awards 2006 28th Annual Edition environment white paper cover, will be used on the back cover, poster, event, etc.. Is the theme of the painting for two sections of the adults (high school students and older)
elementary and junior high school students


Introduces Mr. repairing shop of the town in Saga Prefecture

Favorite products can still use it after repair, not asleep? To introduce important use repair 店ya物 of each prefecture from this year in an effort to recommend something broken in the Kyushu 7 Prefecture, easily repaired, the longer you repair (repair)" twist "Kyushu city repair shop" conducts business. To make the favorite products for repairs in Saga Prefecture
the homepage enrollment shops widely introduces. Categories are various appliances


-AHA! Environmental terms-natural capital""

Are becoming a new cornerstone capital and natural capital, formed by nature, such as forests, soil, air, water and living resources that, supporting the management of public life. Natural capital was published in report 2010 was held in Nagoya-Shi, Aichi biological diversity Treaty No. 10 annual Conference of parties (COP 10). PUMA sports manufacturer has calculated the costs of impacts on the natural capital environmental statements published in 2011, attention all over the world. Case studies of ecosystem Japan in particular for the evaluation are accumulated and will lead to the mainstreaming of biodiversity that is expected.<br><br>* Sources: Ministry of the environment than the 2003 26th Edition environment seen in the picture and sound material-cycle society and biological diversity white""


But cherry blossom Marathon 2016" volunteers recruited 3
000 people"


Employee trip in Okinawa

The Hello! This year I went to the trip. Divided into two groups, promotion, participation is the No. 1 team 9/26-28, no. 2 team 10/3-5 for 3 days, I went to Okinawa, so we report.<br>First team is not blessed with the weather in the aftermath of the typhoon, but the 2nd team is blessed with the weather, is very good. This is also all participants was excellent. Each trip members better, thank you.


Environmental study conducted in Saga Prefecture Industrial waste Association, at the foot of small

Special class think about environmental issues in tosu city at the foot of small (Takao Kengo principal) 20. Third-year students of 97 people from the 22 members of the Prefecture Industrial waste Association Youth Division (楢田, Shogo Chairman) Recycle now and the opportunity to learn about the importance of recycling and reduction. Show bath 720 servings of water necessary to clean water fish swim River swept 600 g tempura oil, such as the do not throw away garbage in the mountain and the river. If so
everyone can be a hero to protect the world environment "and spoke. The children visit


2015 saga International Balloon Fiesta

Saga International Balloon Fiesta is the international competition of the balloon (balloon) from the 10/30 11/3 held the KASE River Bank of saga city as the main venue. Over 800000 people participating balloons, about a hundred visitors, boasting Asia's largest scale. Hall is divided into three types, launch site moored balloon competition and transform balloons, balloon Plaza in toy sales and balloon classes Plaza Ikoi so nicely? hometown and market product Center serves specialties of the local saga. Spectacular multicolored balloons floating in the blue sky perfectly clear is a sight to see!<br><br>* 2015 than the saga International Balloon Fiesta official site


10/24, Tara-Cho forest cooperative will be featured in the NHK!

Do you know Tara, Saga's Tara-Dake (taradake) material"? This is handled by the Tara-Cho forest cooperative brand wood
will trade at about three times the average wood. Forestry remains sluggish nationwide


26 Buri wood self-sufficiency ratio to 30 percent recovery

To clarify annual timber supply and demand situation in the forestry agency for creating wood supply and demand tables. Joined the wood supply and demand tables wood chips from the wood chips in recent years, to use wood-based biomass power generation facilities are increasing the total demand quantity 0/2014 is 75814000 m 3, the domestic production volume is 23662000 M3, and the import volume is 52152000 M3. This wood self-sufficiency ratio has 31.2 percent and recovered 26 years Buri in the 30 percent range. And, except for the quantity of chips for fuel wood self-sufficiency ratio 29.8% in self-sufficiency in wood (timber) was 29.6%, will increase of 1.0 points from last year.<br><br>* Forestry Agency website


October is the 3R Promotion monthly."

October is the 3R Promotion month. And 3 R's reduce, reuse, recycle in 10 3R Promotion National Convention and held 11 months in Fukui Prefecture, in the Ministry of the environment, and conduct such as eco-friendly shopping campaign" and strengthening of initiatives to monitor the illegal import and export of waste. "Eco-friendly shopping campaign" from 10/1 10/31 to call for cooperation to bring their own shopping bags and simple packaging
environmentally friendly products and or buy loose items


Feel the wind of autumn at Kiyama grass ski

Every year September-11, and March-may Kiyama Kiyama-Cho (kizann) grass skiing is an option. The whole mountain is in the Meadow, and there is a sloping gently sloping hills and thrills also popularity. Also expands the 360-degree views from the observation deck at the top, far away overlooking the Hakata Bay, Ariake Sea and Mt. Hiko, Mino, Unzen volcano. On weekends and holidays can be rented a sled (1 300 yen), many families gather. A popular spot in the event ranking, always be on the top, so experience pleasant autumn and then to get out? Details such as the address of the search, the Kiyama-Cho website.<br><br>* Kiyama-Cho website


-AHA! Environmental terms-gas system reform

System reform" and is even new entrants difficult gas markets
barriers to market reform. Securing of the pipeline network to supply third-party use of LNG (liquefied natural gas) total liberalization of retail participation


10/4, vol. 55: nature and gathering medicinal herbs to commune with."

10/17-23 weeks of health and medicine is. Every year, in Saga Prefecture as part of festivities nature and gathering medicinal herbs to" is held. Held this year's 10/4 (Sunday) 10:00 ~
in Kabe island at the northern end prospects-9:30-will begin accepting. You can learn the names of medicinal plants


The stars of the night sky, and look? Globe at night

In recent years, is located in the artificial light, stars are obscured. Are concerned about harm to human health and ecosystems, as well as artificial light unnecessary waste of energy. Activities to enlighten these light pollution (pollution) is the globe at night". Anyone can join this campaign. Watch the stars given around the world at the same time how the report will look like on the Internet. Site visits are done early every month for about 10 days. Take a look at both thought the problem of light pollution
and people around the world does not share the passion for the beautiful starry sky and Earth?<br><br>* GLOBE AT NIGHT Japan to support home page"


You want to reach the silver saga Castle History Museum

Saga Castle History Museum in 9/19-silver events held 5 days before the 23rd!<br>-9/19 (Saturday)-20, (Sunday) 9:30-18:00<br>Let's see the Armstrong gun made on a 3D printer! 」<br>See the latest 3D printer output program (2 hours).<br>-9/21 (Monday)-23
(Wednesday) 9:30 ~ 18:00 * last day to 16:30<br>"Catch a mini SL running on steam! 」<br>Mini SL powered by steam


The stars of the night sky, and look? Globe at night

In recent years, is located in the artificial light, stars are obscured. Are concerned about harm to human health and ecosystems, as well as artificial light unnecessary waste of energy. Activities to enlighten these light pollution (pollution) is the globe at night". Anyone can join this campaign. Watch the stars given around the world at the same time how the report will look like on the Internet. Site visits are done early every month for about 10 days. Take a look at both thought the problem of light pollution
and people around the world does not share the passion for the beautiful starry sky and Earth?<br><br>* GLOBE AT NIGHT Japan to support home page"


You want to reach the silver saga Castle History Museum

Saga Castle History Museum in 9/19-silver events held 5 days before the 23rd!<br>-9/19 (Saturday)-20, (Sunday) 9:30-18:00<br>Let's see the Armstrong gun made on a 3D printer! 」<br>See the latest 3D printer output program (2 hours).<br>-9/21 (Monday)-23
(Wednesday) 9:30 ~ 18:00 * last day to 16:30<br>"Catch a mini SL running on steam! 」<br>Mini SL powered by steam



Recently, 5 [ACT CLEAN SAGA: Saga TV host to iwafuchi, our employees also participated.<br>In the Ariake Sea clean-up blitz 2015 4 prefectures of joint business, this [ACT CLEAN SAGA] and participating and there is approximately 1000 attendees, this year everyone shed sweat to clean-up activities.<br>From small children to the elderly, Pons for heat and came hard.<br>Practice to consider environmental problems from one familiar place, from the saga for the conservation of the environment! As saying, it was very meaningful time.<br>Gentlemen, really early in the morning from the cheers for you.



Recently, 5 [ACT CLEAN SAGA: Saga TV host to iwafuchi, our employees also participated.<br>In the Ariake Sea clean-up blitz 2015 4 prefectures of joint business, this [ACT CLEAN SAGA] and participating and there is approximately 1000 attendees, this year everyone shed sweat to clean-up activities.<br>From small children to the elderly, Pons for heat and came hard.<br>Practice to consider environmental problems from one familiar place, from the saga for the conservation of the environment! As saying, it was very meaningful time.<br>Gentlemen, really early in the morning from the cheers for you.


Elementary and middle school students nationwide recycled paper" contest by 2015"

Looking for ideas of school by 2015 recycled paper" contest sponsored by the paper recycling promotion
and practice. Is to collect used newspapers and magazines


Held the second annual aquasocialfes 9/26

Sponsored by saga Shimbun aquasocialfes as early as 2nd. This regain the old-fashioned scenery in the paddy fields" theme (Ouchi town
Karatsu City) in the paddy fields harvesting and in planting trees and bamboo lantern making. Opening hours are from 9:30 14: lunch onigiri rice and pork provides. Fee free


9/5 conducted the Ariake Sea clean-up strategy 2015

To deepen the understanding about the importance of the sea and a forest, River, and ocean conservation saga is this year also conducts Ariake Sea coastal cleanup cleanup strategy 2015 for Ariake Sea. This activity works, Ariake Sea coast 4 Prefecture (saga, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto), done. Unlike the provincial cleaning day, Saga Prefecture dates are as follows.<br>-Re / 9/5/2015 (Saturday) 8:00 ~ * if bad weather postponed 6 days<br>-Location / saga higashiyoka town higashiyoka East Coast (tidal flat between Park front Beach)<br>Mascot also participated on the day that the memorabilia gifts also. For more information please contact Saga Prefecture Fisheries Division (0952-25-7144).<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Saga Castle round summer 2015-does not experience the history of saga with their children or to

Workshop at Saga Castle History Museum, perfect for the summer!<br>-8/8 (Saturday) PET bottle rockets fly!<br>-8/13 (Thursday)-16 (Sunday) pom poms make Steamboat!<br>-8/22 (Saturday) solar balloon here!<br>In addition, 8/13 (Thursday)-15, (Saturday), to explore while building closed after pounding from 18: the night Castle expedition also performs. In addition
during summer vacation


-AHA! Environmental terms-saving energy-saving housing points

And energy-saving housing points, ECO and new housing system to publishing points can exchange such as gift certificates to be eco-renovation, it is. Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport starts accepting 3/2015 and eco in residential house, 300000 points, at eco house per CAP 300000 points (if accompanied by seismic retrofit per unit limit 450000 points) publishes. Point, eco-products, eco-Exchange and gift certificate, gift certificate area, reconstruction aid instruments. Application period is closed at least until 11/30/2015, so please for more details on the homepage of the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport.<br><br>From the land Ministry's website *


Saga Prefecture No. 10 renewable energy world exhibition of" exhibit"

Saga Prefecture has only domestic marine energy research center, said best field of ocean renewable energy" from its environment. 7/29-booths and 31
will be held in Tokyo Big sight


Beautiful world of fantasy lighting illuminates the future Takeo exhibition

From 7/17 8/31, as part of Takeo hot springs gate Foundation centennial celebrations will be held lighting illuminates the future Takeo exhibition. The biggest is projected onto the surface of the world's first pond in Mifune mountain paradise made projection mapping! Become popular tourist destinations, such as lanterns lit camphor Takeo in Takeo Hot Springs town, Takeo City Library are other natural and tasteful colours and light art a different spot each day and you can enjoy. Weekend-only event, so please Takeo-Shi sightseeing Association website for more detailed information.<br><br>Than * Takeo-Shi sightseeing Association website


Space Science Center Yume Ginga" renewal open"

Saga Prefecture Space Science Center Yume Ginga"
reopened at 7/11


Call for participation 8/1 (water day) event, elementary school

8/1 is on the water. Saga Prefecture, chikugo River downstream region Environment Council in 8/1, Northern kitashigeyasu purification chikugo Weir, terauchi dam, chikugo River disaster-prevention facilities Kurume mouse" will hold events that can be visited. Participation is free of charge
terauchi dam dam dam body in places that you can. Applicants of Saga Prefecture 4-6 grade 30 people


-AHA! Environmental terms-green purchasing law

It is you have to buy an eco-friendly green purchasing law and the law on 4/2001 the country to buy goods, etc. (e.g. recycled paper notes or low-emission vehicles). 0/2014 is designated procurement items 19 areas 267 items, and was able to achieve procurement objectives for 157 162 items while raising actually. For goods other than specified procurement items, ECO and conducts the procurement of low environmental impact, such as leaf products. Believe is necessary in the Ministry of the environment on the procurement of 0/2015 continues to efforts.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Removed 5 truckloads of illegally dumped wastes in Arita town

5/29, Prefecture Industrial waste Association Youth Ministry is dismantled in Arita town forest two places had been dumping waste. This effort became the twenty-fifth year in the youth Subcommittee members 29 (23 in total) attending this year. Utilizes unique vehicles equipped with cranes, empty cans and plastic waste wires buried materials, cast iron pipes, drums, tires tires, while sorting and recovery and removal was. Waste collected this day combustibles is 4 tons over attended three minutes two truckloads, incombustible. Married to eradicate illegal dumping of products is decreasing year by year, but does not. Youth Ministry organizes environmental workshop for elementary school last year, committed to environmental awareness.<br><br>Saga Shimbun website *


Trying to fan with good air conditioning

This season marks the summer production, air conditioning usage will more and more. Electricity is worrisome, but air conditioning is skillfully combined with fan, do you know that increases cooling effect? Increases the cooling fan is bringing cool air throughout the room, the air conditioning temperature settings sparingly even. In conjunction with the heating effect as well. Try because it leads to energy saving heat, entering window curtains and insulating film, block the balloons of the outdoor unit and inlet, have to be careful.<br><br>* Kyushu electric power website


6/21-7/7 Environment Ministry lights down" campaign"

Ministry of the environment conducted CO2 reduction / lights down campaign for 17 days from 6/21 up to 7/7. This event is started 0/2003 to prevent global warming
and especially 6/21 (Midsummer's day) and 7/7 (Earth Day) days


In the mirror Shinto shrine associated with the tale of Genji, Plum scattered" held"

Plum bears fruit weighed down this season, Saga Prefectural Karatsu mirror shrine in 6/30 until daily Plum off" has been (9:00-16:00). Divided blessings from Mei grew up in sanctuaries in the mirror Shinto shrine boasts a history of more than 1
700 years. as with General held plum fruit harvest event for those. People who visit the precincts of the Plum Garden and planted more than 200 precincts to fill fresh scent spread this season


First in the Prefecture! Registered in the Ramsar Convention wetland mudflats of the Ariake Sea

5/29/2015, specially designated wildlife sanctuary district East or flats (Saga)" and was registered in the Ramsar Convention on wetlands "Hizen-Kashima flats (Kashima). Neither mutsugoro
Saunders's Gull and black-faced spoonbill


Without seeing the air quality" PM2.5 trend 0/2013"

Ministry of the environment is published 5/14/2015, 0/2013 air pollution measurements. PM2.5 is the long-term standards (average annual value 15 µ g / m3) and short-term standards (1 day average value 35 µg / m 3) of evaluates achieved environmental standards if they. However, although slower compared with the 0/2012 percent of the long-term standards, all measuring stations, has average remained flat. On the other hand percentage of short-term standards in 0/2011 most low. Altogether, in July, in August, smog often occurs by generating secondary PM2.5, average considered nationwide showed that the increased value, reflecting decreased percentage of environmental standards.<br><br>* Ministry of environment website


Think about the food losses""

Food is called food losses" disposed to be eaten in Japan now
cause annual 500-4 million tons. This is almost same as annual production (8 million tons) of rice in Japan and efforts to reduce food losses in Saga Prefecture. First consumers too much buying food and dining of "order and too"


World of fantasy invites Ogi Gion River of fireflies

Bud green, fireflies wildly dancing season. And designated as village homes 100 Ogi Gion River, from late May through early June were cruciata, 100000 number of cats called Gion River fireflies, fireflies in Kyushu's leading attractions. Firefly often flew from 20 on hot and humid days without wind to 21:30, from downstream to upstream and nudge. While enjoying the fantastic world, beautiful rivers and also the importance of nature can be experienced. For more information and access to hotel map and Gion River Ogi website!<br><br>* Ogi city official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-solar power""

It is collected in space and space solar power generation solar terrestrial, as electric and hydrogen power system. And become a baseload power for change such as microwave and converted into electricity is solar energy collected from solar power so far has had weakness not power wet weather or at night, space solar power into geosynchronous orbit approximately 35.900 km above ground smiling condensing equipment and solar and ground receiving antenna to receiving nearly 10 times well efficiency is expected. Have taken the big step towards commercialization, such as incorporated in the space plan to 1/2015 decided the Government's space development strategy headquarters, a successfully demonstrated in March.


Festival once every three years see spinal cord vibration 千坊 Holy tea Festival ",5/17 (Sunday) a

Japan green tea cultivation originated in "spinal cord vibration 千坊 Holy tea Festival" will be held. Tea culture began from the sefuri reikado Immortals Temple is sacred ground named this event is


-AHA! Environmental terms-VOC (volatile organic compounds)

VOC (volatile organic compounds) are organic compounds which gases in the atmosphere, mainly contained in paints and printing inks, glue, gasoline, paint thinner, etc. Easy to volatilize, photochemical oxidant concentration in the atmosphere and affect human body. 0/2008, photochemical oxidant smog warning" issued in Saga Prefecture
has called for caution. For VOC


Approximately three hundred koinobori spectacular ' 37th Kawakami Valley Spring Festival ",March 28 ~ 5/10

in Yamato-Cho
saga ' 37th Kawakami Valley Spring Festival "will be held. And runs the houseboat during the period


-AHA! Environmental terms-reusable tableware

Reuse Dinnerware is a generic term of repeated wash and reuse (reuse). Many sizes and types, in addition to flatware, cups, Bowl, cutlery, chopsticks and spoons. Made of polypropylene material is reused 50 times the durability, also dropped a sharp crack (resisting temperature 120 ° c and cold tolerance-30 ° c) is a mainstream, again using products such as bio-plastic and feeding dishes there. Activities to use reusable dishes recently at event venues such as festivals, concerts, sporting events and to promote the importance of recycling-oriented society spread across the country.<br><br>* Reuse dish network


CFC emissions reduction law will be enforced from 4/1

In addition to handling of fluorocarbons amended laws concerning implementation of the fluorocarbons pertaining to specific products and destruction (CFC recovery and destructive), used so far for commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration refrigerator, destructive provisions established provisions concerning the rationalization of the use of chlorofluorocarbons by proper management by owners, and manufacturers, etc.. Encourage measures to comprehensive measures, thereby focusing on entire life cycle from the manufacture of chlorofluorocarbons until disposal, each stage parties for compliance with the criteria. Saga Prefectural Government website listed for more information. See also differs from conventional and Q & A, etc.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Closer to recycling recycling society experience tour held

Day tours to experience the sound material-cycle society 3/27, will be held. Destination is Fukuoka Prefecture 3-Oki-machi mizuma-gun ' big circulation Center kururu I '. It is famous for its tree town while fermenting organic waste such as food waste, back to the land as agricultural liquid fertilizer organic resources circulating business plan, as well as do separated garbage collection as recyclable waste 25 type plastic or glass, diapers, etc.. In this event you can visit the finish the trash in the Recycle initiatives"
why don't you feel close to the recycling-oriented society? The participation fee is ¥ 3


15 saga castle town traditions held dream theme

February 21-3/22, Nabeshima 357000 stone tell traditional Japanese Castle spring no. 15 times saga castle town Hina Matsuri is held. This year's theme is dream". Elementary and middle school students in the city and local high school students who participate in handmade dolls exhibition


More illegal dumping of used electrical 4 items the previous year decreased 20.6%

Announced the 1/29, Ministry of the environment 0/2013 appliances 4 items (air conditioning, TV, fridge and freezer, washing machine and dryer) illegal dumping vehicles (estimates) 92,500 vehicles compared with the previous year and 20.6% decrease. The breakdown and decline in the previous fiscal year each cathode-ray tube TV, refrigerator and freezer, and washer and dryer. However, illegal dumping of 20.0% increase (year on year) and waste PCs are 3,771 units in the plasma TV, still, caution is required. Ministry of the environment is a policy promoting recycling of home appliances and electronics as well as addressing the illegal dumping of illegal waste recovery operator.<br><br>* Environmental Ministry homepage


Romantic! Strolling in starry sky of winter and of the Canopus"

2/14 19: from the Saga Prefectural Museum held winter sky walk with observation of the Canopus. Introduce how to find typical constellation of winter from the Orion, in part 1, looking to the sky from the Museum entrance hall. Part 2 and move to prefectural historical Hall, star of happiness Canopus" look with binoculars. Canopus in Carina like red light Prime star
is the rare stars known as the seven lucky gods fukurokuju


Greenhouse effect gases observing satellite Ibuki" (GOSAT) active"

Global warming with various impact on natural environment and international observation and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions in the terrestrial, marine and aerospace is further reinforced. Ibuki (GOSAT) was launched from Tanegashima Space Center in 1/23/2009, JAXA and the Ministry of environment joint development project by the world's first greenhouse effect gases observing satellite". Collected data will help to reduce emissions from the universe of about 667 km above ground Earth high-precision observation and bring global warming CO2 and methane. Gathered attention to its contribution
2017 launch ' Ibuki successor ( GOSAT-2 ) ' to the application.<br><br>* JAXA Website"


Was nikaho. lumps winter feast ' the joyful Festival, was '

January 31-2/15, saga Ureshino hot springs ' episode 15 effervescent of the Festival was ' will be held.<br>Ureshino-hondori shotengai, height 2 m clause 100 hundred light Chinese lanterns" and light sculptures
will be surrounded by elegance and a fantastic atmosphere. Weekend enjoyed zenzai with local people and hot springs 湯doufu in the evening


-AHA! Environmental terms-automobile recycling law

Automobile recycling law on recycling of used cars ( scrapped ), owner, law defines the role of the related companies, car manufacturers and importers is ( 0/2002 July formation ). Currently the scrapped vehicle count is 3500000 units over the years. Later fluorocarbons recovery operators, dismantlers and shredding companies according to criteria of each collection and recycling, the recycling fee payment pay car users and fluorocarbons and airbags properly treated in specialized technology. To create a recycling-based society without wasting resources, scrapped in 2015 95% recycling rate as one aimed at achieving and promoting the automotive manufacturers and importers.<br><br>* Economic industrial Ministry homepage


Beware of suspicious 'solar power plant ownership split sales solicitation!

4/2014, consumption life Center were received counseling for solicitation on solar power plant ownership split sales, the Consumer Agency attention. Invite someone claiming the real company name company icons that according to information published by the 'location' and 'representative' deceit, purchasing entities not solar power plant solar panels, damage has been reported in various places. When business investment consumers pertaining to solar power or solar panel purchase contract for multiple procedures required to begin installation of the power supply agreement with power companies, power generation facilities, selling carefully check to make sure as well as national equipment certification.<br><br>* Saga Prefectural Government homepage


Discharge of industrial waste and disposal status ( 平成 24 年度 実績 ).

12/12/2014, Ministry of Environment published findings of 0/2012 industrial waste emissions and progress. National industrial waste emissions at about 379140000 tons, 2 million tons (approximately 0.5%) declined compared to the previous year. Industry emissions are emissions from electricity, gas, heat supply and water supply the most overall was 25.4%, agriculture and forestry is 19.6% 22.6%, construction industry, pulp, paper and paper products manufacturing industry was 7.6 percent, shows the trend of previous survey results, accounted for 8 percent of the iron and steel industry is 7.6% and overall emissions from the five industries that. Also published, etc also regional emissions and type of activity. Please read through.<br><br>* Environmental Ministry homepage


Happy new year!

Respectfully and sincerely wishes for the new year.<br>For earlier this year of all the shareholders.<br>Iwafuchi co.Ltd is through recycling waste recycling promotion,<br>And are determined by further efforts towards the conservation of the natural environment.<br>Employees, by 2015, the gratitude even further,<br>We will deliver activities rooted in the local and global environment and a variety of information.<br>Look forward to your support again this year we thank you.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.



This year the gratitude not fondly

Sincerely for this year is exceptional, thanks so much. In 2014, the young people was impressive. Won the gold medal in figure skating, 19 Hanyu is in Sochi of Japanese male first. Pakistani marara, Yusufzai, (17 years old) was crowned in the Nobel Peace Prize. On the other hand the environment surrounding the Earth face a serious problem throughout the world. Iwafuchi co.Ltd we entrusted to the young generation beautiful Earth for, continue to fulfill responsibilities as a 'blue-chip industrial waste disposal'.<br>Years to come also prosperous and wishes to pray sincerely.<br><br>All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.


-AHA! Environmental terms-coastal erosion

Coastal erosion is causing throughout the world including Japan, both the natural environment and the human environment has affected a great deal. Cited progress of effects of sediment overseas erosion can be caused during development drilling and global warming and climate change, as a result, increases the danger disappeared and sandy beaches in feedingstuffs for fish and birds and tidal flats further erosion and flooding coastal houses and roads. In addition, our economic activities such as fishing and marine sports gives loss. To prevent such damage is the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport, coastal law based on coastal conservation facilities, along with local governments in beach nourishment"
'Jetty' construction work


A gun salute in bright new year! SATO, Jinja Canon artillery gun salute ritual

12/31, saga-Shi-no-Matsubara, Chia (yose) shrine, Canon artillery gun salute ritual will be held. 00 a.m. on the day after the countdown, the 2015 opening spark. Having emitted total 8 gun salute from Cannon coined the Nabeshima clan is just breathtaking! SATO, Jinja, saga Nabeshima clan No. teenage Lord Naomasa and no. has been and is dedicated to the 11th generation Lord Naohiro, culture, traffic and academic benefits. Admission is free. According to shrine, seen coming but why not? Also, yellowtail-Yellowtail Zoni big Yellowtail was dedicated at Yellowtail Festival on that day with the ingredients and the sacred wine is served (fee, reservations required) will be held. Contact us at to Musa Jinja 0952-24-9195.<br><br>* SATO, y. Shrine official website


Vine of endangered species conservation efforts

Vine is known as good luck since ancient times more birds. Of the populations of the world is approximately 9% of hooded cranes and about 5 percent of the white-naped crane and flying to Japan, while Kumamoto Prefecture, Izumi is the world's largest wintering ground. However, concern is the concentration of the population extinction risk of species caused by infection, require increased number of proper wintering in the conservation of cranes in the World Conservation Union's recommendations. We in the Ministry of the environment show basic concept concerning the new wintering area of hooded cranes and white-naped crane, both the natural and social conditions, or pursuing domestic might meet while wintering candidate and wintering possible areas include the international and a long-term perspective.<br><br>* Environmental Ministry homepage


12/14, Kiyama-Cho ' heh-and-oh-not Festa held"

12/14 (day), ' heh-and-oh-not-Festa ' will be held. Nature, provided the area along the 3 themes of food and health, Exchange"
full of fun events


The Antarctic ozone hole, still a big status

This year's Antarctic ozone hole spread in the area of the Antarctic continent about 1.7 times (23400000 km 2) (10/1 present). This is recently between the 10-year average and almost equally. For concentrations of ozone depleting substances over the Antarctic is gradually decreasing, although ozone formation and development is affecting like ( 20 kilometers above Antarctica ) the lower stratosphere temperatures depending on weather conditions, continue further large ozone hole occur. Japan Meteorological Agency are based on ozone layer protection act and has continued monitoring on the status of the ozone layer over Antarctica in the indicators of the global ozone layer destruction.<br><br>* Japan Meteorological Agency website


'Catfish' threatens the ecosystem

Channel catfish are invasive alien species in 1971, were brought to Japan as edible. Eating rare species and feral in a Japan-specific and my bait fish, eating native fish such as fishery is zero damage. Channel catfish a has produced initiatives results in the removal of the black bass and Bluegill ever for about 30 years, in Shiga Prefecture, early this year, captured the number increases rapidly. Breeding is progressing in biwa Lake and surrounding rivers. Prefecture and the fishing is becoming increasingly alarmed are calling for the prohibition of discharge after the capture and captivity, will respond as soon as possible and study is required.<br><br>Than * YOMIURI ONLINE


Was selected as biomass industrial town, saga city

11/10, saga (first in Kyushu in Miyama city, Fukuoka Prefecture, Saiki city, Oita Prefecture) was selected in the biomass industry city. Region selected the Cabinet 7 Government Relations Office, Ministry of education, Ministry of the environment, such as aiming at realization of business projects in the biomass industry utilizing the characteristics of each region with the support of the Ministry. The 11/18 took place in Tokyo ' biomass industrial cities award ceremony . Saga has been set out so far "biomass industrial city is" of vision and are focusing to circulate as a biomass energy and biomass waste based on Imaging the future
out of people's lives and industrial activities


Experience the history and fall by Kuroda kanbe city!

11-8-30 days, Kuroda kanbe city in Karatsu city, Saga Prefecture Hizen Nago person Castle fall history x tourism" will be held. Hizen Nago person castle ruins and the team mark of 23 and given special national historic site
packed with attractions of the event! And weekly team to visit famous places for autumn is held over the course of three and the other Samurai gourmet food tasting walk


Taku-Shi Confucius-Autumn Festival""

November 15-24, in Taku city near xixi Park Confucius-Autumn Festival" will be held. The theme of this year's "autumn colors and music". Live music events such as folk entertainment performances
participation can be planning and local typical products sale! Even during the normally can't enter the Park country registration tangible cultural property "cold uguisu Tei (kannoutei) Special General open will. Attention was accompanied by about 400 this fall foliage spots in beautiful landscapes and Saga Prefecture


See repair and loved ones' photo essay award winners

As an effort to recommend something broken in the Kyushu 7 Prefecture, while easy to fix and use long Kyushu repair shop in town" from 0/2013 conducts business. Photo essay contest was held this time is 111 submissions and examination results
decided the winners. On what to use to repair photos and episode trapped each and every precious memories. As the repair shop contributed to longer working also presented letter of appreciation Ito clock shop


Spread circulation ' of biomass industrial cities are '

Incineration plant out of direct CO2 to take advantage of the world's first efforts
established last October


Call for participation: 11/23 fruit examination station public day

Saga Prefectural fruit experiment station is fruits that many want to know! "It is looking for grade 4-6. Participation is free
is the number of positions towards the children and their parents


-AHA! Environmental terms-'passive house'

This is the House that improve the energy efficiency of the building itself and 'passive house', to tailor the natural ventilation, to reduce environmental load passive solar". Advocacy Institute in Germany in the 1990s
spreads to the world as a high-performance energy efficient houses. The traditional old houses of Japan to power with little or no


Forestry agency use of promotion month and event announcements

Every October is the preoccupation with wood promotion month. Tree overspending" and
actively incorporating the domestic timber product life


Recognition improvement of food loss reducing the consumer key.

Food will be discarded even though they still eat the so-called food loss amount is 5 million ~ 8 million t. It's an annual harvest of rice in Japan ( 0/2012 8500000 ton ) to and comparable, and about half of them are occurring from the home. To reduce food losses, consumers, businesses and the cooperation is essential, consumers know food loss problem, refrain from too much excessive fresh-minded and food buying, get rid of leftovers when eating out, it also say that big role. Consumer Agency established project eliminate food waste in the home page and the announcements of activities and events. Please take a look at.<br><br>From the website of the Consumer Agency


-AHA! Environmental terms-4 R

Is that idea reduce Japan domestic garbage and 4 R, 3 R's Reduce (waste generation suppression), (re using) the Reuse, Recycle recycling of plus Refuse (refuse-say no to) as its first sentence. Keep buying drinks or excess packaging and waste containers, do not receive unwanted advertising and leaflets that include refuse. Also, how to live more eco-friendly activities that lead to the reduction of industrial waste, such as purchases of materials for equipment in the Office or factory to minimum and then took 4 R municipalities and companies to increase the lean there are featured.


We have established a AED in all branches of the company.

Back to a normal rhythm, you give electric shock to the person who causes ventricular fibrillation in our medical equipment,
We have established the AED (automatic external except fine motion detector), DoCoMo shops including all offices, total ten places.

Cardio stop casualties number of hospital emergency services over the years is about 90000 people and said,
It is about 2-3 minutes cardio stop casualties are first aid is not being followed.
Separating life and death is said to be from ventricular fibrillation occurs every minute decreases the life-saving, life-saving treatment or how quickly.
Also, sequelae of the disease also affected.
In other words, to increase the survival rate is done as soon as possible electrical shock before the ambulance arrives near the wounded us citizens with the AED is important.
The more likely saved lives keep introducing AED from this point of view, everyone can use AED
It is up to.


-AHA! Environmental terms-plant factory

Keep artificially perfect environmental conditions such as in temperature, light and nutrients and plant factory, from the sowing of the crop grown, is the facility to harvest and shipping process. And converted the free space, such as warehouse, in the building without land, to a growing room. Currently leaves of lettuce and other vegetables grown in the mainstream, allowing stable supply. Requires no pesticides, and can eat indoor cultivation because crops no dirty, unwashed, without the bad weather and pest damage. Also, newly developed plants for breeding red LED lamp, its spread, is expected to cost reduction and energy conservation has received.

* Agriculture, forestry and Fisheries Ministry's website more


9/23 19 Imari recycling fair.

In Imari City, 9/23 the autumnal Equinox day, 9:00 noon at City Hall behind Imari recycling fair conducted from. Also the commemorative year 19 times this year marks the 60th anniversary of inauguration Imari City. As far as bazaars of memorabilia from each household was potluck, aimed and effective use of the resources and environment Panel exhibition and environmental beautification lifetime achievement awards ceremony will be held simultaneously. Also the first 100 individuals to NPO, but of trees than there are Japanese maple and dogwood sapling giveaways. Take a look at the observed went looking for bargains, invite your family and friends is why not?

* Imari City Hall home page


Confirmed dengue fever infection and needs attention

Dengue fever is infectious in the Act on medical care for patients in the prevention of infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, four of infectious diseases is specified along with yellow fever, rabies, malaria, etc.. Incubation period of 2 to 15 days after the sudden fever of 38-40 degrees, symptoms such as severe headaches, skin rash will appear. Is the only prevention can hold no specific treatment method, although not from people to people directly infected infection → person → mosquito is so effective drugs for the dengue virus mosquito bites. Soon a doctor at the nearest hospital if there are symptoms such as a fever if mosquito bites try insect repellent protection during the outing.

* Saga infectious disease information Center home page more



Recently 23, [ACT CLEAN SAGA: Saga TV host in our iwafuchi employees also participated.
In the Ariake Sea clean-up blitz 2014 4 prefectures of joint business, this [ACT CLEAN SAGA] close approximately 1,000 participants in, looking to join everyone in the cleaning activities spiritedly.
From small children to the elderly, Pons for heat and came hard.
Try to practice the thought environmental problems from one familiar place, from the saga for the conservation of the environment! As saying,
It was a great time.


In the children's Club nationwide recruiting members!

Junior eco Club anyone can join from the age of 3 until the 18-year-old is the Club do environmental activities based on the interests of the children. 26 Club 1,539 children registered in Saga Prefecture (8/1/2014 present), nature and global warming and recycling activities to prevent activity we are involved. Registration fee and annual fee is free, its activities from Saga Prefecture to configure in the province, municipalities, associations, educators, etc. stop global warming" citizens ' movement promotion Conference have been supported by some of the expenses. Touching the work environment closer to home at an early age people and environment of good learning opportunity. For more information
see brochure in the following Web site.

* Saga "stop global warming" citizens ' movement Promotion Association Secretariat homepage"


Container packaging recycling law required consultation mechanism in the eyes of the consumer

Collection and recycling glass bottles and plastic bottles containers packaging recycling law enforcement since 15 years, review system will be discussed in the Ministry of the environment will announce its contents, is soliciting opinions widely until ( 8/31/2014 ) Measures for the basic perspective of study achieve cooperation such as 1 consumers, municipalities, companies and 2 precious natural resources conservation, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reductions, and then, on the 3 R (no waste materials, reuse and recycling of) State and municipality collected plastic bottles circulating in stable expected a positive exchange of views.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Insect exhibition of saga and world-rather put paddle is full of mysterious ~

It is insect exhibition of saga and the world can observe the world in Imari City History Museum until 8/31, rare insects and insect saga of specimens including about 1000 points. This project is implemented with the full cooperation of Saga Prefecture Space Science Center, include phalacrognathus muelleri and Hercules beetle exhibition specimens, specimens touch corner, corner by microscopic observation, exhibit of the beetle is alive. Also 8/24 (day) summer vacation free research consultations were held, Imari, natural and can consult with the things you want to check out history, festivals, etc. Be good opportunity to think about summer project and our living environment.

* Imari City Hall home page


-AHA! Environmental terms-'smart move'

And 'smart mobs' challenge to emit less CO2, eco with lifestyle too convenient and comfortable, and good health to lead the Ministry of the environment as part of the challenge 25 campaign encourages widely. (1) available, such as trains, buses, (2) bicycles and moving on foot, (3) promotion, such as car sharing, cycling community, (4) Eco-promotion, such as travel and train & car rentals, (5) switch to eco-friendly cars, of five initiatives has proposed various actions on the subject. Lead to health and comfort by moving the body, to reduce CO2 emissions as well as smart move"


Elementary and middle school students nationwide recycled paper" contest 2014 ideas wanted"

Paper play Center conducts a as part of the promotion paper recycling nationwide elementary school students recycled paper" contest 2014. "It was transformed into such a respectable newspaper or milk cartons! "A" school and community in the paper recycling has devised this way! ' Such a contest full of fun ideas unique to elementary and middle school students will make you smile involuntarily and ingenuity. Deadline is 10/17 (money)
and apply through the school principle. Paper or 古段 ball


Packed ' saga of natural digital encyclopedia is a valuable article tickles the curiosity"

Don't know the name of the fish caught by anglers. The ecology of rare creatures want to know! E-book be examined at any time, saga of natural digital encyclopedia '
Saga Prefectural Library Homepage (scheduled for all three) is published. Out of print books from natural and valuable content collection of local material


Uchimizu on reality, team 2014 2006 Uchimizu project summer cool

Summer summer pay, in Japan since ancient times people have been adopted as sprinkling" habits. Day high morning and evening hours and feel cool effectively. Saga Environment Forum is 8/2 (SAT) and held the 'summer 2006 Uchimizu project team 2014' in front of your front door of the saga Castle History Museum (rain or aborted). From 16: authentic Uchimizu project started a day enjoyed the water gun competitions for children from 15. By sprinkling on the brink
and Earth-friendly summer seasonal. In cool summer yukata and Jinbei and I invite you


Counter in the 'GPS' waste dumpsters anti malicious and effective

Wholesale paper brought in to illegal acts to sell recycled paper from home dumpsters without permission is illegal, but habitually buys too, has become a problem. Nagoya recycling cooperatives in counter to this, made from waste paper dealers robes GPS positioning satellite system place a bunch of old papers, the illegal activities from its route to identify the warning. Originally, wastepaper is sell recycled paper buying wholesale from the trader of the cooperative, to return to area school districts, including part of the profit. Beware and tenacious efforts is expected to keep the trust and area support the recycling waste paper recovery is done properly.

* Chunichi newspaper website


Protect nurture a forest power in 'saga forest tax'

Promoting business saga forest environment tax" was introduced from 4/1/2008 forest in the Prefecture to protect and nurture in Saga Prefecture
utilizing financial resources. Measures for the conservation of the forest environment is a urgently needed


And 7/19, but 21 century citizens ' forest ' fishing play experience ",40 minutes from saga Yamato interchange by car. But is public forest in the 21 century to 7/19 ' fishing play experience ' takes place. Even without the use of a reel or lures

bait using bread ragman sausage so not interested in fishing child can experience the fishing fun. Kitayama dam area is popular as a summer resort in the wilderness. Summer project as the opportunity to learn of the kitayama dam fish ecology and fishing rules and regulations is also perfect. Participation fee is ¥ 1
500 per person


7/7 ' en masse in write-downs 2014 ",Saga is on 7/7 "cool Earth Day?" in unison lights 2014 ' conduct. Night two hours until 8 to 10 pm

participate in unison off billboards and other outdoor lighting and indoor lighting
such as stores and office facilities


While trying to save power! 'Overboard'

Curbs and stop wearing ties for comfortable Office with a proposal that's in 2005. Encourages the transformation of work style in the Ministry of the environment, every June from 1 day 'overboard' and positioning to shift the light further encouragement and working hours. Also recommends that a new idea to spend in places from 2012, 'course a' stop the air conditioning in one single family gather in one room, cool place and share with everyone, many public facilities such as libraries, shade, water and natural. Also this summer with family and community, while enjoying the work on energy saving!

* Fun to Share Office homepage


Iwafuchi transportation co., Ltd. has been certified quality certified supplier.

6/3/2014, iwafuchi transportation co., Ltd. quality certified supplier certification system, was certified quality certified supplier for industrial waste treatment and collection and transportation. It is aimed at appropriating the industrial waste, as well as to grant exemption under our system and certified the Governor and Cabinet Mayor, conforms to the standards (quality standards) who have excellent skills and proven industrial waste disposal and collection and transportation companies, usually permit validity period of 5 years to 7 years.

This certified by iwafuchi transportation co., Ltd. and all employees, pledge to contribute to the development of a rich natural environment conservation and living environment.


Join Ryoko? Okawachiyama, Imari ' wind Bell Festival ",From Imari

Saga Prefecture is approximately 15 minutes by car. In okawachiyama
known as the hometown of traditional arts and Crafts ' wind Bell Festival "will be held. 6/14-greets people who visit 8/31 during the in each pottery eaves and inside suit shaking over 1000 wind chimes in gentle tones. Flowers remain unspoiled natural landscapes nearby okawachiyama


To expand the circle of voice ' heat stroke prevention talk project '

To participate in the Ministry of the environment ' heat stroke prevention talk project ' is conducting activities to prevent heatstroke in collaboration with public and private sector. Is this project that does voice Hey, where you can enjoy human it is not or, is expected that the new bond was born in the society as a whole, not only to prevent the exhaustion of your family, friends, work colleagues or neighbouring. Also, to prevent the exhaustion of a lot of people could be called 'human where you can enjoy the' shops and offices, to provide summer resort town in leads. Why don't you review take a look at the 'where you can enjoy humanthat Japan seems to be habit on this occasion?

* Heat stroke prevention talk from the project home page"


Award paper group collection blue-chip organizations

Collective collection blue-chip organizations 6/10/2014, TKP Garden City Hakata annex hosted the paper replay Center awards ceremony was held.
Eligible certificate of appreciation issued 1 group collection, past more than five years and meets recommended standards that has continued annually five times or more and organizations is expected to deliver a remarkable 2. waste paper collection, to continue is received the recommendation from the waste paper supplier.
This year in Sasebo city, Nagasaki Prefecture '日宇ヶ丘 Club' like, total 8 pair groups was honored as a blue-chip organizations. Was presented a certificate of appreciation at the presentation ceremony after the Party held a good relationship.


Clean water is 59% 2007 25 year national aquatic biological survey results

0/2013 national aquatic biodiversity research called participation in the Environment Ministry and the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport in general people, and its results were announced. Determine whether participants at any point that the biological and aquatic biodiversity surveys and indicators aquatic organisms, including imposex in the River, determine the water quality. Approximately 59,000 people, 2,258 locations survey, 59% of the total points was determined with clean water. 0/2014 survey participation also depends on the support ( dècor focusing on 7-8 month of scheduled ). A participating candidate saga and life please contact the Environment Department Environment Division environment information 0952-25-7774.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Japanese Iris in the fresh wind

5/22-Yamato Central Park iris garden, 6/18, 40000, Iris enjoy. In the Park of 1 ha, Edo series, ISE, higo of Nagai ancient varieties of about 100 different species in vivid full bloom purple, white, yellow and color. Charm is beautiful IRIS is attached its name from similar leaf shape into the syoubu 'IRIS' Bloom said. Made of cultivated upland and wetland large flower to bloom, seen and 80-100 cm tall enough to meet! IRIS stacked improvements from the Edo era is Japan's world famous traditional garden plants.

* Saga city Tourism Association home page


-AHA! Environmental terms-natural play promotion law

Natural play Promotion Act enacted than 1/1/2003 intended to regain the natural environment and ecosystem damaged in the past. Breakthrough so far in this Act for the promotion begins to regain the natural environment 'initiative of the various actors of the region
by participating in national and local governments


Thoughts on the environmental MOTTAINAI is universal

June is environment month. MOTTAINAI Festa 2014 becomes three times in this year 6/28, 29, held in Tokyo's Akihabara UDX. You can experience the Mottainai campaign and that as long as the Earth's resources, not easily relinquish. Represents the heart of Japan to take care of things 'too good'. The late Nobel Peace Prize winner was impressed by the word, by Wangari Maathai Mottainai dispatched all over the world, at present the various activities across the world. Through the 6-month work towards environmental conservation from familiar places.

* MOTTAINAI campaign official website


Air pollution, New Delhi, India's # 1

Now, air pollution is a serious problem of global scale. India-New Delhi air pollution in 1600 cities study, world number one, Beijing city, China and World No. 77 Reuters says. WHO is 2012
about 7 million people were killed by air pollution. Air pollution became the world's biggest health risk "and announced. 20 urban air quality is the worst of the best 4 of Raipur


Booklet 3 R AI learning workbook" recruitment distribution!"

To create a Ministry of the environment ' 3R fuzzy learning workbook of distribution applicants are accepted up to 5/30/2014. This booklet introduced the clear container packaging 3R (for adults and for children)
3 R bingo


-AHA! Environmental terms-CIGS solar cells

Is the thin film solar cells ' CIGS solar copper (Cu)
indium (In)


Acorn village ' goat baby set

Baby was born in the village of mitsuse, saga city acorns, earlier this year in 13 goats grow quickly and. Experience events from 4/14 5/31, commune with the baby goats, fun event! Cute goat is just around the corner in walking experience with goat's are held on weekends and holidays only seen can be seen walking together, as well as habits of goats. Also, is milking and raw caramel-making classes, sausage making experience during every day are held. For more information please see Acorn village website.

* Acorn village website


4/25, the 8th green ceremony held

Every year, from 4/15 5/14 is Midori's month. Cabinet Government cooperation (Ministry of education, Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport and Ministry of the environment), 4/25 and held the 8th opening ceremony of green, greening promotion exercise for outstanding individuals and organizations for award by the Prime Minister. Winners total this year pertaining to the Environment Ministry recommendation 12 (2 individual and group 10) out of the winners is Fukushima Prefecture Aizu Wakamatsu city Tachikawa Minami Elementary school has decided. In this ceremony, their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan attended the appointment, enforces the message from the report of the selection process and award winners at the award ceremony.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


4/26, station-Yamato Breeze Pavilion Spring Festival""

In a refreshing breeze this season the way station-Yamato 4/26 (SAT) spring breeze Pavilion Festival ' held. Road station and Yamato of Yamato-Cho
saga KASE river water friend Park in and the various events utilizing the abundant nature is popular. Blanched shoots the event on that day


Department of environmental conservation strategy of wild species is endangered

4/11, Ministry of the environment conservation strategy of endangered wildlife species of formulated aim promotes the conservation of endangered species. Went to the various initiatives the Ministry, this feature evaluates the size and the difficulty of the survival of the species and the measures to determine the priority of tackling and immediate 2020 aims at specifying additional 300 species to conventional domestic rare wild flora and fauna species such as incorporated. Also, and when these measures of important scientific knowledge and various subject cooperation and coordination essential, its efforts to advance.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Environmental events wave seminar

EMF Information Center 5/20, Saga Prefectural Education Center electromagnetic seminar held on the. This seminar is intended for that clarity and scientific views, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) for around power lines and home appliances, such as electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic) and its health effects. People with anxiety and doubt electromagnetic waves, and is also a q & a from the participants to schedule individual questions or consultation responds after the closing, so take a look at is join?. Because participation is free, but advance registration is required for more information please see EMF Information Center home page.

* EMF Information Center home page


This Bill is a eco-view the grade in 5 rank

Initiates from 4/25 of non-residential buildings saving energy performance labeling system ( BELS ) 3/19, the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport has announced. This is evaluation according to the revised energy conservation standards be fully enforced in the 4/1 that, at rank 5 star mark represents the energy performance of buildings. Can help you in many ways, such as to appeal to contribute to society by utilizing this system to people without specialized knowledge of recognition, as well as through the Ministry of energy companies and tenants attract sales tools and expected. It is 4/3 be held also on the system.

* Land, infrastructure and Transport Ministry homepage


The concentration of dioxins in flue gas of waste incineration facilities published

3/20, Ministry of the environment has announced the measured concentration of dioxins in flue gas of waste incinerators across the country for one year up to 3/31/2013 from 4/1/2012. A breakdown of the total amount of dioxins emitted in one year from the waste incineration facility and from industrial waste incineration facilities, both year-on decrease of approximately 1g-TEQ per year, last year emissions are approximately 3% decrease compared to about 57g-TEQ per year. To achieve the goal in the actual 0/2012.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Jinno Park children's amusement in the go spring break!

Saga Jinno children's amusement park ' is a celebrates the 50th anniversary of opening! Just cherry blossoms at their best spring break period ( 3/21 ~ 4/6 )
looking for jewelry or crafts


From the illegal dumping of used electrical 4 items the previous year decreased 27.8%

Announced 3/4, Ministry of the environment (estimated value) 0/2012 appliances 4 items (air conditioning, TV, fridge and freezer, washing machine and dryer) illegal dumping of 116,500 units compared with the previous year, which decreased 27.8%. Although the breakdown and fell cathode-ray tube is 32.8% 31.6% decline, TV air conditioning is LCD and plasma 34.2% significantly increased, refrigerator and freezer decreased 7.1 percent, washing machines and dryers decreased by 15.1 percent become is. Also the illegal dumping of waste computer has become a 7.4% increase at 4,769. It is the organisers continue to proper recycling at the Environment Ministry.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Each month on the third Sunday's saga events see ecomarket'

Carries 'ecomarket' in saga City events every month on the third Sunday to sell in your household waste. Toy hospital SAGA, to repair the broken toys are also held. Medical toys are by appointment only, for foster children to heart" for children is condition. Next will be held in the 3/16. At the facility
from elementary school to university students who tour of the incineration plant or recycling plant recommends. Why not visit? For more information


Forget 3.11 saga bond projects

Shortly, will mark three years from East Japan earthquake. Received the glad news leverage in Saga Prefecture, 0/2011 and 24-year from citizens ' donations collected from the was awarded 24 pianos in Kesennuma city, Miyagi Prefecture, this time in Kesennuma City Center donated Viano citizen-friendly concert that was held. The event name is ' 2014, Suminoe, and Kesennuma music companion presents new year's concert '. While many citizens enjoy piano music and choral singing as a guest performer to showcase for piano 4 hands 2 children born in Saga Prefecture was filled the venue in great excitement and applause.

* Saga official website


School hike learn biological diversity implementation — Germany

Germany Federal Ministry of Environment published a school hike hiking in nature into the elementary school program implementation. This project will increase the biological diversity of interest to children and teachers the first 3 years at three schools conducted, in future plans to develop about measures and materials to conduct any other elementary school. Hendrix Federal Environment Minister says 'in biodiversity directly to explore, one time in one week, in having children, will be in the future whereas natural dignity, bordering'.

* EIC net more


2/9 winter birds observation and giant tour held"

To deepen the understanding of the nature, in the Ministry of the environment, many people enjoy nature with purpose conducted on various occasions. This time 2/9, Kirishima, Miyazaki Prefecture scheduled for observation of comparision, Kaya grows in the forest of Kinko Bay National Park's pond and bird's Ikeno, forest walks and duck buddies or joubitaki winter birds. It is a chance feel closer to nature of Kirishima in winter while enjoying the natural explanation of the instructor. Participation fee is 300 yen per person, advance application is required. For more information, see the Kyushu regional environmental Office homepage.

* Kyushu regional environmental Office homepage


-AHA! Environmental terms-ekofide""

Is that animal feed is produced using 'ekofide' and the extra food and cooking residue (Shosha). Livestock feed is divided, 3 types of liquid to soup-like processing silage sealed dry to dry ingredients and lactic ferment used cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. It is currently number of manufacturing establishments are 298 locations in 5/2013, but does not enable expansion of production and use. Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and promote collaborative technology development and between the parties concerned and considers the important efforts on improvement of effective utilization of resources by recycling food and fodder self-sufficiency.


Saga Prefectural Library open 100 year anniversary celebration

The Saga Prefectural Library celebrates its 100 anniversary. So, with gratitude for 100 years, various events are held in the saga Castle History Museum. Until served, among them, see this recycling fair picture books and children's reading materials for, hardcover, paperback and book each and every 10 books will be presented free. Is held, 1/25, out at 4, between your study time is from the 9:30 morning, this lasts the. Also from 1/18 up to 28 days, prefectural libraries hoard article special to expose collection exhibitions are also held. Try to go but why not?

* Saga official website


Happy new year!

Respectfully and sincerely wishes for the new year.
For earlier this year of all the shareholders.
Iwafuchi co.Ltd is also in 2014, clean earth to future generations ' motto
Trash strive and recycling as well as weight loss.
Global roots
to forget the feeling of gratitude to
Continue the effort with staff



To conclude the year 2013

So far this year also leave slightly and now. Look back one year to Tokyo determine the 2020 Olympic Games host cities, such as encouraging news, but summer average temperatures in Western Japan in 1946, and later record the # 1 high temperature and extreme weather became a topic in the country.
Iwafuchi co.Ltd aims the promotion of recycling of waste through recycling business, committed to the preservation of the natural environment. It is also willing toreward our efforts as a 'blue-chip industrial waste disposal'.
Years to come also continued support we thank you.

All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.


On school feeding milk bottle" adoption"

School feeding for milk is supplied in paper cartons 74.3%, glass bottles and 25.6% are ( 0/2011 ). Ministry of the environment 12/17, promotion and popularization of the reuse system to support the introduction of milk in school lunches will be and announced recruitment area of the business model. It is intended to organize issues to promote reuse initiatives as part of the environmental education in the schools, as well as the introduction of milk bottles and conditions. Competition period is 1/10/2014. For more information, see Ministry of environment.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Good life" dig! Good life Word creation"

Ministry of the environment, environment and society announced the establishment a good life Word to unearth the good life". This is the "good life" has been practiced in regions
individuals and corporations


-AHA! Environmental terms-' out of eco-Diagnostics ",' Out of eco-diagnosis ' and the Ministry of the environment home eco-is a nationwide expansion from 2010 as part of the Diagnostics business initiatives. Out of eco-advice dispatched members of diagnosis diagnostic with specialized knowledge in the garden of hope and can be run immediately

presented the annual energy use
energy bills and CO2 emissions


Hand tighten rope ornament, welcome the new year!

Fureai of Hizen town, Karatsu city nature school hizenn, 12/22 (day) shimenawa ornaments with mini kadomatsu making conduct. Tell me is the Hizen, Grandpa. Incorporates the sense that is meant to welcome the God to the shimenawa ornaments decorate the front door for the new year and kadomatsu, unclean, not in the way. Do you participate in parent-child it, try greeted the new year with ornaments handmade new year? Participation fee is set 2,000 yen (incl. material). To the maximum number of Petting your participation so as long as there are nature school day advance please apply directly.

* Friendship nature school hizenn home page


Aiming at the realization of the Kingdom of the sun light saga""

Order to realize the Kingdom of sun light saga" in Saga Prefecture


Kyushu repair shop in town ' introduce!"

Initiatives recommended repairing something broken in the Kyushu 7 Prefecture, while the longer you have, what repair (repair) introduced a repair shop in each prefecture from 0/2013 ' Kyushu repair shop in town has conducted business. Saga Prefecture homepage
including consumer electronics


Inspections, based on the home appliance recycling law

Ministry of environment and Ministry of economy, trade and industry conducts inspections based on home appliance recycling law in 0/2012, published in 11/5 with summarized results. Conducted an on-site inspection of retailers 473 views, of 250 inspections held in the total of 480 were improper matters guidance. Most teaching matters is in the treatment of certain household equipment waste management forms (home appliance recycling tickets) from 240 other publish a collection and transportation charges, and storage of the appliances from 49 53 include. Ministry of environment and Ministry of economy, trade and industry, also conducted inspections and seek a proper enforcement of the home appliance recycling law has.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


The Ministry of economy, trade and industry Ministry of energy of the winter

Approaching winter production, the Ministry of energy and energy resources promotion Conference ministries meeting is based on increasing energy consumption, from 2019 年 11 月 decided against Ministry of energy in winter until March. Committed to energy saving with a Ministry of energy labels and international energystar logo when deciding what to buy home and Office devices such as product selection, are asked to choose, especially noting the energy conservation performance indication of 5 stages, such as air conditioning, fridge, TV,. Also trying to lead government themselves, practice and reduce regulation of heating and lighting, committed to lowering power consumption.

* Economic industrial Ministry homepage


Report illegal dumping removal volunteer activities

Re: 10/25/2013 (Friday) AM 8:00 ~
Location: Ureshino City shiota town mountain area
Participants: all 35 33 youth group members and two members of Ureshino City

Every year this activity by an annual Youth Ministry was 23 times. Is a decline compared with from the very beginning, but still not yet to eradicate. I think activities carried over from the seniors to continue our partnership with Government and community through volunteer activities aiming at reduce illegal dumping, we want to appeal.

Saga construction newspaper articles"


Creating energy increases in national school

Abbreviation for energy" with energy
refers to produce energy using solar power or home fuel cells. Increased throughout the country are working on energy in recent years


Higashiyoka Eastern rites fall foliage of shichimensou

In saga city higashiyoka East Coast as the fall leaves shichimensou's popularity will soon celebrate season. Shichimensou grows up in the tidal flats and wetlands, including salt water resistant Halophyte is the other planting even difficult to grow, volunteers and local people develop important. This year from 11/1 up to 4 flats between Park area in ' shichimensou Festival ' and held the light-up after 18: 00. Bright shoreline foliage looks, lined with a red carpet is a must see! Invite your family and friends, try out but why not?

* Saga city official website


Saga city incineration plant CO2 equipment production started.

In saga city 10/2, in saga city incineration plant started production of carbon dioxide (CO2) equipment. Is this equipment is from the emissions that occur in the disposal process CO2 capture and then to trying to reduce emissions into the atmosphere of CO2 in CO2 collected be used for agricultural cultivation and algae culture system. It is plans to jointly study at 7 for two years until the end of the 0/2014 containing the saga, such as CO2 capture and utilization. In the activation of the region expected initiatives lead to the utilization of CO2 companies and facilities attract.

* Saga city official website


Held at times 4-eco shop gathering Imari City

Those sleeping in the garden needs are cute does not? In the eco shop until October held in Imari City hanamachi gathering brought in around us, forms a bridge between people trying to pick up, need to use. Item's tableware and gadgets, small appliances, bags, toys, stationery, etc. This event four times in the year, engaged in other activities, such as community development, environmental issues and consumer behavior due to the non-profit organizations are environmental protection activities in Imari City green ring". For more information
please see Imari City website.

* Imari City official website"


October is the 3R Promotion monthly!

October is the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) promotion month. Announced to conduct, such as strengthening efforts towards the promotion of the proper import and export of waste 3R Promotion National Convention together – in the Ministry of the environment, citizens, businesses and the city, calling for nationwide distribution companies and retail businesses in the eco-friendly shopping campaign
customs and import-export business stakeholders and work. Intended to further promote efforts towards the formation of recycling-based society understand more about 3R promotion


-AHA! Environmental terms-eco marketing

From planning and development to offer environmental-friendly products and services, eco marketing, environmental marketing, green marketing also known as, refers to marketing techniques to minimize the environmental impact, ranging in the production, distribution, publicity, reuse, recycling. All activities, such as for example, talent collect avoiding excess packaging, cans, bottles and reuse, and funds, protect the ecosystem is part of the eco-marketing. More from the growing awareness of the environment considered background is growing among consumers and companies that want to get the environmental-friendly products needs.


9/29 ' East I or flats Symposium held"

Announced that seeking registration of the Ramsar Convention to protect valuable Wetland Habitat waterfowl flats off the coast of higashiyoka town, last month, saga city. From there is anxiety that I've done so far and, on the other hand, registered in the Ramsar Convention on wetlands, time limit ' East or flats Symposium ' decided to hold. What Symposium on the Ramsar Convention registration, and fishing is intended to deepen understanding through restricted social lives or cost, including keynote speeches and panel discussions. 9/29, flats between at the Park in the Plaza Seca, admission is free. For more information please see saga website.

* Saga city official website


18 Imari recycling fair

Have you decided your 3-day weekend plans? 9/23 (-) autumnal Equinox day will be held ' no. 18 once Imari recycling fair. Reduce
recycle farthest resources" celebrates 18th this year this event will be held under the slogan too. Wasteful bazaars gathered behind Imari-City Hall


Aim at the highest level Tokyo Olympics, environmental considerations

And determine the Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020, Japan nationwide are wrapped in a celebratory mood. Tokyo is carbon-minus Olympics of world's first goal
has promised that the venue construction and renovation in the strict green building standards and guidelines to follow. Which includes the proactive introduction of low environmental impact


10/6, the 53rd ' nature and gathering medicinal plants '

October is the weeks of health and medicine. In Saga Prefecture every year, nature as part of the events and has held the gathering medicinal herbs to commune with. Learn information, such as names of medicinal plants and how to recognize, benefits, how to use while walking the hills and invited lecturer in 10/6 (day), more medicinal plants takes place this year. The participants also dealt a familiar herb list booklet, so not familiar with plants, okay. Venue's saga city Yamato-Cho Kawakami area. Participation fee is free in advance registration is required. Learn about the medicinal plant in touch with nature? For more information please see website.

* Saga official website


PC recycling mascot character Please-Kun""

8/21, PC 3R Promotion Association has new characters, computer recycling, ' Please-Kun ' to decided and announced. Please-Kun '
Li is the animal represents the 'rhinos' Kul Rhino together PCs


Implement the Ariake Sea clean-up strategy 2013

Conducted the Ariake Sea clean-up strategy 2013, Saga Prefecture and Saga Prefecture Ariake Sea making a rich sea promotion Council this year Ariake Sea coastal en masse to clean. Because this event will foster understanding about the importance of the sea and a forest, River and ocean environmental protection, fishery stakeholders and encourages wide participation in Saga Prefecture and organizations.
-Re / 8/24/2013 (SAT) 8:00.
If the inclement weather * 25th (Sun) 8:00-
-Location / saga city higashiyoka town higashiyoka East Coast ( flats between Park front Beach )
Mascot also participated on the day that the memorabilia gifts also. Why not take part?

* Saga official website


Special summer holiday summer touch Earth in tosu

Summer project is now already? Tosu city library is 8/24 (SAT) from 9/1 (day) until summer touches the Earth held in tosu. Pride of place, is a digital Globes not only 20 in the world. Digital globes can directly touch the future warming, such as ever-you can see the picture of the living earth changing. And upwards are other daily hands-on making bamboo toys machine tools and waste oil in planning, including fuel cell experience and milk cartons of postcard making and independent research might find useful is packed. For more information please see website.

* Saga official website


Ministry of the environment ' a village and workshops ' saga also held

A village and workshops" and
for the promoting the Satoyama conservation and utilization from the 0/2007 conducted by Ministry of the environment


-AHA! Environmental terms-cool""

Meaning of Cool (cool: cool good) as the cool"
derived from that originally evaluated modern Japan culture


8/3, held a 'summer 2006 Uchimizu project team 2013

8/3 (SAT) large collection to the saga Castle History Museum! Saga City Environment Division (Saga Environment Forum) holds executives 2013 2006 Uchimizu project summer this year. After gun competitions for children from 15: 16: start sprinkling authentic. Uchimizu was done during the morning and evening temperatures are not high times is most effective, and also check in the event the Uchimizu project before and after how much temperature falls. To participate in the yukata and Jinbei, feel more Arab. For more information, please contact saga City Environment Division.

* Saga official website


South Jeolla, saga I found green" photo contest"

Connecting the friendship Exchange Pact in Saga Prefecture, Korea, Jeollanam-do and celebration has been held on the southern road ( Jeollanam-do ) Suncheon Bay Garden Expo ' to join
has held a"green"photo contest. The period from 7/21 to 10/20. Theme is nature in prosperous Saga Prefecture and South Jeolla you found


Objet of light colors the night of Midsummer evening bamboo light

Go and see summer bamboo lighting event is subdued after sunset this year is rainy early every day scorching day continues, the times? Has established the optical trail from 7/13 up to 8/18, surrounds the garden pond in the Takeo Mifune mountain paradise, especially in 3000 pieces of bamboo lanterns and Lotus Flower motif objets d'art. Come to the neat garden of the production, as voice of admiration from guests! Admission is adults 300 yen, children (elementary school students) 100 yen, yukata or Jinbei come garden with service of an admission fee. From 7:30 PM to 10, for more information about Mifune mountain Paradise (0954-23-3131) please contact.

From Mifune * mountain paradise home page


Summer country lectern pool is open!

7/20, Imari City country norikuradake mountain sports park in country lectern pool ( GI ) opened 6 years Buri. And 3 children's swimming pool, pool depth stand feet small children up. Municipal, so rates adult 200 yen, child until ) ( high school students 100 yen and cheap! Home energy saving measures can also be between the spacious summer leisure activities, going out, even birds. Will be held until the 8/31. 10:00 is available from 6:00 PM. Weekly Tuesday, 8/4-5, closed for the fireworks display is closed. For more information please contact Board of education physical health section 0955-23-3187.

* Imari City official website


Outline of urban heat island measures review

Due to the increase in the sweltering days and heat exhaustion, including serious, reviewed the urban heat island countermeasures outline was established in 2004, the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport and Ministry of the environment announced. Has it been 4 items, such as reduction of anthropogenic heat this time added new considerations on adaptation measures to reduce the impact on people. This provides the heat index forecast value 5-step index and the hot day promotes heat avoidance behavior and refrain from going out. Urban heat island countermeasures portal to introduce ' island, ' also, please stay tuned!

Than * environment goo
* Ministry of land
infrastructure and transport "heat island portal site" is here"


Kagoshima mega solar power generation facilities open

Largest Kagoshima bronzite mega solar power plant premises to learn about solar power facilities will be built. It is open is scheduled for fall 2013, thinking Earth environment and energy concept to learn about PV system characteristics of solar energy and global environmental issues, Japan's technological capabilities, including Kagoshima City cooperation while plans are being. Circle type is a historical corner in the facilities, mega solar power station in 290000 solar power generation panels lined with panoramic views. Facilities can enjoy majestic views of the cherry island weather permitting, students and tourists who stop by in the Kagoshima region promotion has received great expectations.

Than * environment goo


4 item home appliances recycling achievements announced

6/18, Ministry of economy, trade and industry and Ministry of the environment has announced collection number 0/2012 appliances 4 items (air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machine). Appliances 4 items passed by the designated operator of the country's total 11200000 units in is breakdown is air conditioning is about 2360000 units, a cathode-ray tube TV about 2280000 units around 490000 units, LCD and plasma TV 3150000 washing machines and refrigerators about 2920000 units. These appliances are required by recycling recycling and has achieved a rate of recycling outweigh the legal criteria in all items. It is in the Ministry of economy, trade and industry and Ministry of the environment, will continue for the smooth implementation of the system continuously.

* Economic industrial Ministry homepage


Eco-action 21 certification to support County!

Set a practical program for eco-action 21 accreditation for work with our operators in Saga Prefecture, global warming and other environmental problems. Benefits and will be eligible for low-interest financing comes with proof of the environmental management system developed by the Ministry of the environment and eco-action 21, to get at the same time financial institutions of its own. Practical program organized by the County and conducted training 5 times between 8/2013 and 2/2014, and can receive free consulting for.
*, And registration fees are charged. For details to the saga website.

* Saga official website


The joyful tea" in trying many different experiences!"

Ureshino, Saga Prefecture is ' the joyful tea ' of hand buff and han'ya experience, you can. For the period from mid-June, early August in late September to late October and the year are limited each year especially popular event is ( group 10-30 persons only, one person 500 yen ~ ). Also as events throughout the year to participate way classroom of delicious tea ( 2 / 100 yen per person ), tea-dyed experience ( 2 / 1,000 yen ), children are held. Do you event and learn about the Ureshino City history and culture with nature it, so take a look at going out with your family?

* Ureshino City official website


Recycle 3 law, once a five-year review

Home appliance recycling law, food recycling law, containers and packaging recycling law 3 is done once every five years, review the law. This year is the anniversary, each revision work is underway at a rapid pace. About the home appliance recycling law, according to the Ministry of the environment Central Environment Council recycling society Committee and the Environment Committee on industrial structure Council of the Ministry of economy, trade and industry 5/20 joint meeting approximately 1 years held a half, reported the status of the enforcement of the law. It is scheduled for used household appliances, such as television has become the subject of law, air conditioner, fridge, washing machine has become a problem illegal exports to the unlawful collection or overseas later this year after debates and study, planning and coordination.

Than * environment goo


Presented a certificate of appreciation to recycling excellence organizations

Collective collection blue-chip organizations 6/6/2013, sponsored by paper Promotion Center in Hotel com's Fukuoka commendation ceremony was held. Certificate of appreciation issued target is 1. Organization group collection past 5 years or more, more than four times per year are continuing, 2. Is an organization that meets nomination criteria that the Organization expected wastepaper collection a remarkable achievements and will continue to. This year in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture Nishinomiya hem Nursing Society of and Sasebo-Shi, Nagasaki Ogata town two croquet clubs '


World's first! Saga Prefecture Oki hybrid power generation demonstration project.

Saga Prefecture has announced that 5/16 the world's first floating wave / wind hybrid power generation demonstration project to conduct in Saga Prefecture. In hybrid power generation and sea breeze and tide turn electricity at the same time, unique is its name. Why named skwid ( squid ) is named after yobuko squid English pronunciation
flying to the world's hope is that trapped. Understanding obtained by power generation by renewable energy


5/10-16 day is observed

Is a week to protect the environment and observed the birds easy filling, spread the importance of nature conservation. In the observed activities, gathering national wild bird protection and national bird conservation poster original competition of the elementary and secondary schools, counting the 67th at this year's gathering is scheduled to be held in Nara Prefecture in 5/12. At the Memorial Ceremony every year, to wild life protection contributor awards, anniversary releasing a commemorative tree planting is done. Over the wide range of activities to protect the environment of the wild birds, by widely communicating of the lifetime achievement awards and activities, is expected to enhance awareness of the natural environment.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Children's environmental white paper 2013!

Best environmental education is children's environmental white paper on 2013 future children with clarity on environmental issues, like the present at that time. This booklet is issued from the Ministry of the environment may, is featuring illustrations, photos, characters who comment, such as used in abundance. Target is elementary school upper-grade elementary school students across the country and distributed one, download is available from the home page. Can that introduces children's point of view on the problem of invasive alien species and chemical issues, so while impatiently in the parent and child together, think!

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Japan's first hydrogen station is open!

Do you know now, called the ultimate eco-friendly fuel-cell vehicles? This is the automotive motor to turn the energy generated in the fuel into hydrogen and oxygen, or create their own electricity that can be emitted carbon dioxide and no, needed was said only time filled with hydrogen. And finally, can be filled with the hydrogen facility 4/19, as Japan's first hydrogen station in ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture is opened. Challenges, such as the cost of production of fuel cell vehicles, however, and future trends of featured attractions.

Than * environment goo


Saga Prefecture nature explore 2-flats experience of Kashima roadside station-

Road station and Kashima flats experience of popular this year 4/27 (SAT) from the start. You can heartily enjoy the mudflats of the Ariake Sea tidal experience the gatalympics familiar gatski at. Experience time is hours between noon and 17 from 9 tide is pulling, so please visit website of the station and Kashima. Rates are elementary school more than 600 yen, ski rental, hot-water showers includes ( 10 name reservation is more than ). Do you Golden it week is all the family become mud, and enjoy natural?

* Road station, Kajima Corporation Home page


-AHA! Environmental terms-preservation of species

Is the illegal capture and sale of legislation to protect wild animals and plants and the preservation of species is endangered. Leaves no vicious illegal trading of endangered species of wild fauna and flora are trafficked in high amounts, current penalties are light from. The Cabinet decided Bill 4/19 ministerial meeting on the partial revision of the law. Amended the penalties for any illegal purpose, including from the current one-year imprisonment or fine of 1 million yen in 5 years imprisonment or fine of 5 million yen. If the Corporation has been lifted dramatically and fine of 100 million yen from fine of 1 million yen. Someday is new items, such as further prohibited ads such as the Internet.


Smartphone app, catch the pollen information!

It is a seasonal pollen information comes to mind. I think many people every day make sure in the news and the Internet, but smartphones can easily do you know? Pollen information for registered download Smartphone app for NTT DoCoMo pollen information for your town and regional morning news us. In this, DoCoMo using its own environmental sensor network, can be found dried laundry on the go come to mind, such as flying. Also apps such as flu breaking in your city or UV checker
so enjoy in everyday life!

* NTT DoCoMo environment live"


Start the new life of spring with shear throw away!

But when you stay organized shear throw away (dannshari) that words often hear the fact this spirit of Yoga originated from the basic concepts to understand and work goes smoothly. Stuff coming in and shearing throw away 'shear' the unnecessary ones
from attachment to ' throw ' the thing 'isolation' that is. In all around us ' sometime might be... ' that thing is filled with important 'are using now?. Will lead to and dared let go of things in space and time out


Saga natural exploration 1-black prefectural natural park-

It is 516 m Black Mountain since ancient times is known more as a sacred place, especially in rock formations and beautiful prefectural natural park. Tendo rocks exposed on the Summit of Black Mountain, male rock bitch rock, looming from the breasts waiting for Fong Park views, so that you can. One thing also a mysterious Valley surrounded by deep woods, voted 100 best spring water in Japan and Dragon Gate Gorge attractions. In Japan further and Habitat of the kanekosida natural monument to Black Mountain and wanted to leave in the 21 century as a treasure trove of rare plants natural best 100 are chosen. Invited to the spring in, take a look at why not stretch your legs?

* Saga official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-see red tide and aoshio

Red tide" is a phenomenon overgrowth of phytoplankton caused by dyed red or dark brown color of the seawater. Such as household and factory waste water flowing into the sea and nutrient excess
likely phytoplankton occur. Especially spring and summer high temperatures and long hours of sunlight


Earth hour 2013 feelings lead to change the world

-Held on: 3/23/2013 (SAT), 8:30 PM-1 hour until 9: 30 am
'Earth hour', which is the same people all over the world, and international events that turn off electricity at the same time action through you want to stop global warming and protect the Earth's environment, it is. This event began as a part of the WWF's climate change campaign in Australia Sydney 3/2007, and in the current evolving global environment campaign. Along with the local time around the world, explore around Earth off the order from the East. Take a look at Earth hour through feelings with people around the world want to for one thing?

* WWF Japan homepage


April small home appliance recycling law

Finally the 4/1 began small home appliances recycling law. Main products are mobile phones, PHS, game consoles, telephones, facsimile, radio and some TV, digital camera, camcorder, DVD recorder, PC, printer, sewing, health meter, film cameras, rice cooker, microwave, fan, iron, vacuum cleaner, kotatsu, dryer, Shaver, Massager, lighting fixtures, such as. Goal amount to conduct recycling in municipal or accredited laboratories, the mandates 140000 tons per year by 2015. However, over 6% of the total municipalities from the recovery system and financial aspects is difficult to think, requiring the recycling of many issues such as effectiveness and spread because the law is.

Than * environment goo


Municipality of sorted collection and recycling of 5,687

Ministry of the environment discretion collection amount of municipalities based on the containers and packaging recycling law 3/4, containers and packaging, recycling, such as on the 0/2011 data released Municipal sorted collection total is about 2890000 tons, total recycling 2780000 tons and the one has increased slightly from a year ago. Also carries out sorted collection of glass containers, bottles, steel containers, aluminum container municipality more than 9% of the total (*) the containers and packaging recycling rate is corrugated cardboard containers, beverage containers made of paper, more than 99% of the containers and packaging recycling in whole or 96.5% and maintain high standards. (*) End of 3/2012 total municipality number was 1,742 (including the Tokyo 23 wards)

* EIC net more


Recruiting cancer agricultural supporter!

Saga city specialty products promotion Conference cancer agricultural supporter is looking great. You can become a supporter and promptly get saga agricultural information to participate in events such as the agricultural harvest experience. Has received so far, and conducting harvest white asparagus and strawberries, from participants that realized the splendor of local ingredients and able to know the production struggled. Supporter registration 'sleight's Kingdom homepage' from the register. Growing interest in agriculture and so boost family conversation at the dinner table!

* Taste than the Kingdom homepage


-AHA! Environmental terms-environment & real estate

Refers to the property of high value, seen from the point of view of the environment and environmental real estate. For example, is property based on introduction of energy-saving solar panel installation, efficient heating and cooling facilities, greenery, etc. The Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport proposals is indispensable
according to the building owners information provide information looks for real estate environment recognition and evaluation proper' 4/2012


Efforts aimed at rehabilitation of the Ariake Sea

In recent years, clams on a nationwide scale catches stagnation and in the Ariake Sea will see is a situation not catch most. The Ministry of fisheries in Ariake Bay Bivalves (clams, Laver) resource recovery, announced that production recovery and local fishermen collaboration with. Drooping farming technology was introduced as a new initiative is utilized according to the sea area of Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture, and practiced in oysters, scallops, etc.. Efforts to play the Ariake Sea is about timing and sea state and relationship between County will study further details has received great expectations.

* Fisheries Ministry official homepage


Illegal dumping of household appliances 4 items, last year's 22.5% increase

Announced the 2/12, Ministry of the environment and 161,400 vehicles in the estimates is illegally dumping 0/2011 home appliances recycling law for 4 items (air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machine) and increased 22.5% compared to the prior year. Refrigerators, washing machines is decreasing and the breakdown, although marginal rise in air conditioning, LCD and plasma display TVs up 34.4%, increased significantly 212.3 percent year on year and a cathode-ray tube TV. It is policy in the Ministry of the environment continue to call proper recycling, and even the illegal disposal appliances, recovered some illegal waste recovery operators.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Saga Prefecture, atmospheric environment notice on the homepage!

China's air pollution is a serious social problem, anxiety is growing in Kyushu. Saga Prefecture and monitoring measurements of fine particulate matter ( PM2.5 ), announcements on the County website. By minute particles of approximately 2.5 μm or less and PM2.5, suspended in the atmosphere, derived from the chemical reaction of car exhaust fumes or gases in the air particles as speculated. Considered easier to enter until deep into the lungs and give effect to circulatory and respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis in the future weather, wind direction, note and, take the necessary measures to protect yourself.

* Saga official website


TAKEO-world flying dragon kiln Lantern Festival healed optical illusions

2 月 7 日 (Saturday)-10 (Sun), Takeo and bamboo Koba kiln Park is TAKEO world flying dragon kiln Lantern Festival will be held at. Flying Dragon Kiln can burn also 120000 one cup at a time climb kiln, boasts the world's largest volume. All more than 4,000 lanterns are made of handmade pottery, light and surrounded by a fantastic atmosphere around. 2 days is JR Takeo Onsen station to event venue free shuttle bus runs from and the lighting ceremony occurs during 18. Family, couple, walking down the promenade of light slowly talking about the 'light' why not?

Than * Saga Prefecture Tourism Association website


Hydrogen seminar in SAGA 2013 will be held!

2/12, will be held in saga city, Grande fushinoke hydrogen seminar in SAGA 2013. Toward hydrogen society in Saga Prefecture as the social demonstration of operation of hydrogen stations and hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, already start from 2 years ago. The seminar will be held, using our public lectures by prominent lecturers, as well as fuel-cell vehicles ride. Introduction to the domestic market of fuel cell vehicles by 2015, and is a great opportunity looming in the near future the hydrogen society a pair of early experiences can be. For more information please see saga official website.

* Saga official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-'passive solar'

It is a system without any special equipment or facilities and passive solar, solar energy use in heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. On the other hand, use of heat supply solar PV and solar thermal water heaters, is called active solar. Passive solar is considering the terrain, location and surrounding environment, and increase the opening of the building, effectively using materials and insulation materials, increases the energy efficiency of the building itself. Are expected to pay high cost for not using equipment, such as machinery, and are regarded as energy conservation and global warming prevention.

Than * environment goo


Public, such as certain wastes landfill requirements draft

Law dealing with radioactive material contamination is provided for specific waste from nuclear plant accidents, Ministry of the environment summarizes the requirements of outer wall on landfill disposal sites, such as recently. That point, radiation shielding needed to prevent radiation damage shall have, with the tightness was like that to ensure the safety of long term care, specifically the default compression strength and reinforced concrete built, the thickness is at least 35 cm or so and requirements is that with the blocking effect of equal or higher. The Ministry will also the revision of the special anti-terrorism law, says recruitment.

Than * environment goo


Happy new year!

Respectfully and sincerely wishes for the new year.
For earlier this year of all the shareholders.
Iwafuchi co.Ltd is a qualified 'blue-chip industrial waste disposal' in December last year,
It is over followed efforts so far our employees with new determination.
Also as part of the service to the user and website redesign
See why what recycling ' of established corners.
5 types, such as paper, plastic bottles, plastic recycling method
Easy to understand using the animation, so please refer to
Take advantage of parents and children discuss recycling opportunities, etc.
Also this year we thank you.

All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.



Rounding out the year, the eco-a spring cleaning!

Cleaning is worrisome, celebrates new year is followed by a cold day. So this time, vinegar, in an eco-still introduce cleaner methods. Make a vinegar water, vinegar and fruit vinegar 2-3 times the colth, turn on the spray. Vinegar water is useful to remove dirt stain water Pan wash basin and toilet, bathroom mirror, was crystal. For toilets, so do not need separate detergent for bath, eco also leads. Do not use chlorine bleach with vinegar water so acidic.
Left for 2012 also became slightly. Sincerely for this year is exceptional, thank you. Coming year prosperous and wishes to pray sincerely.

We are 12/30-will be closed until the 1/3 period.
More 1/4 will be business as usual.

All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.


Decision on small home appliances recycling logo

And decided in the Ministry of the environment 12/17 a new logo designed, small appliances such as mobile phones and games consoles to reassure consumers and waste, to recycle the released. Mark is show that accredited laboratories two types, do the small home appliances recycling small electric appliances certified operators, small appliances recovered municipality marks, indicating that the municipality to do. These marks prior to approval for use permission from the Minister of the environment that can be used and, future, municipalities and approved vendors displayed collection boxes and recovery vehicles, signs, etc.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


-AHA! Environmental terms-biodegradable plastics

This is the plastic that decomposes after done with biodegradable plastic, waste, such as paper and wood. Has resolved how the four types, are classified in the hydrolysis of decomposed decomposition by microorganisms ' organic ', UV light degradation of, oxidation decomposition and oxidation, hydrolysis by. Example introduction, such as use of automotive parts and packaging materials in Europe and is used in Japan for agricultural film and Super shopping bags. Focused major consumer electronics manufacturers and fashion brands, so as material of different commodities in the future expect wide use.

Than * environment goo


Iwafuchi co., Ltd. was certified as 'blue-chip industrial waste disposal'.

11/28/2012, iwafuchi co.Ltd was certified as 'blue-chip industrial waste disposal' about industrial waste disposal and collection vehicles in quality industrial waste processing companies certification system. It is the intended grant provisions generally permit validity period of 5 years to 7 years, our system certified, industrial waste disposal companies conform to the persons with ability and experience standards (quality standards) the Governor and Cabinet Mayor and help the optimization of industrial waste.

This certified by iwafuchi co.Ltd is all employees, pledge to contribute to the development of a rich natural environment conservation and living environment.


Ministry of economy, trade and industry 'artificial photosynthesis project start!

Sought chemicals produced does not depend on oil due to rising oil prices. The Ministry of economy, trade and industry announced that efforts to develop such innovative catalytic carbon dioxide and water to raw materials become raw materials, such as plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, solvents and using solar energy over the next 10 years. The project name is artificial photosynthesis chemical process technology research association. Has to break away from the fossil fuels (petroleum Revolution) by using the catalyst technology given to impact Japan economy, Japan has strengths and aims at the same resolution of resource and environmental problems.

* Economic industrial Ministry homepage


For rent roof

determined by solar power installation
Announced and determined by the business went public, saga announced rent roof of the existing institution of ten private carriers and installing solar power at these two facilities. Roof rental by municipalities nationwide were carried out one after another, are expected to promote the use of renewable energy.
-Ariake fisheries development center and plant size: 49 kW (planned)
-Karatsu Higashi, and high school and facility size: 106 kW (planned)
The agricultural research center, Institute of industrial technology and others please visit the saga website so still looking for about eight more.

* Saga official website


Color LED light bulb 1 million bulb 'saga-Lite fantasy'

Attract popular as during the winter of saga saga-right fantasy' this year's renewal! Illuminated tree height 15 m giant tree appeared in saga Station South exit
established throughout the saga station machikado-square


Being grievously than ' is strong warming in the U.S.!"

Is a good rookie season. Currently released in ' being grievously than ', is confident his Saga Prefectural Agriculture Research Center did research and development in the decade-old. In Saga Prefecture in extreme heat in summer in recent years, including decreased rice yields, but ' is grievously than ' the us can respond to climate change, were strong on global warming! Of course quality is also well and Zia, large grain texture no longer was because dust over time, there is sweetness and flavor delicious rice balls and Bento is also perfect for. Japan grain inspection Association Gets a high evaluation especially A 2 years in a row is grievously than '
are proud of the support the table from this saga!

* Saga official website"


-AHA! Environmental terms-see biocorridor

It is to try to keep the Biological migration corridor by words 'biocorridor with BIOT (organism) and corridors (passage), city placed rooftop greening and nature parks, such as. For urbanized society, roads and buildings are dividing the natural spaces such as forest and grassland for the living of feeding and breeding becomes difficult, cannot sustain ecological problems were identified. See biocorridor' is not only connecting cities and forests is forest and woodland through the city, and the continuity of ecosystem recovery is expected.

Than * environment goo


11-is the eco drive promotion month!

Is the season is perfect for the vacationers and drive. Review traditional items as part of the promotion and spread of eco-driving eco drive Promotion Committee consist of national police agency, Ministry of economy, trade and industry, Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport and Ministry of the environment, announced the new eco-10 recommendation.
1. fluffy Axel e start
2. have a clear distance, acceleration and deceleration of less driving
3. detach Axel early deceleration
4. use of air conditioning is appropriately
5. stop wasteful idling
6. avoid the traffic jams, let's leave well in advance
7. starting air pressure of a tire inspection and maintenance
Orosou is unnecessary baggage 8.
9. stop the car will be running and
Trying to figure out my fuel economy 10.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


' Between wood Fest ' to let go!

11/3, Tenjin saga, however in more and more uninhibited and Avance Hall ' between wood Fest will be held. This event is being held as part of the Saga Prefecture industrial wood use promotion project
can touch wood looks good in the parent and child can enjoy. Chair with Ken wood and seal making springboard building (admission free)


Booklet 3 R AI learning workbook" recruitment distribution!"

Ministry of the environment, the booklet 3R fuzzy learning workbook" of distribution applicants are accepted up to 12/6/2012. It is intended and is working in the 3Rs of waste containers and packaging
including schools


-AHA! Environmental terms-ballast water

Serves to stabilize the ship even when not carrying the baggage of seawater into the vessel and ballast water. However in the international routes of ships to load (drain) → unload luggage (injecting) pointed to problems of ecological imbalance alien species being brought to repeat in the multilateral. The International Maritime Organization adopted ballast water Convention in 2004. Are ratifying this Treaty, the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport is based on this trend, 2011 approval procedures for ballast water treatment system completely reviewed, has established provisions for the advance approval of the processing equipment developed by foreign companies.

Than * environment goo


Looking for PC recycling catch phrases

Started computer recycling system to recycle used computers and the next year in 10 years. It is currently 2670000 PCs are being recycled so far is being illegally exported to the overseas cases, unending. More computer recycling program in the PC 3R Promotion Association, looking for easy to understand for many people to understand catch-phrase. For example ' so advanced! Pats PC recycle guys
such as approximately 20 words about catch phrase


October carried my bag campaign

Convenience stores and supermarkets have plastic bags is you know that is used about 30 billion copies in one year? Saga Prefecture is 3R Promotion monthly October, garbage is carried out as a first step in considering the reduction of shopping to bring my bag my bag campaign. Also stores aggressively mailbag NORAD bags in Saga Prefecture, and registered as the promotion shop, including distribution of stickers. Incidentally amount of garbage, the saga of the 0/2010 was 270000 tons, in residents per 860 g of the nation's three-largest success is. Continue promoting mailbag NORAD bag litter further work towards reduction of.

* Saga official website


10/17 held national seminar on the credit application

Carbon offsets as a method for preventing global warming attention do you know? Domestic credit utilization seminar at Kyushu economic industrial Bureau introduce carbon offset 10/17, held in Avance (Saga City). Will introduce case examples, of course, leverage, carbon offsets and achieves higher added value in CSR and environmental activities, and products and services, such as the basic idea. Carriers wanting to work in new social contribution activities, municipal, University, environmental activities to interest is for citizens, students, etc. So we served, visit the homepage for more information.

* Saga official website


10/14 ' an empty day Festa in Ariake saga airport '

Ariake annually at Saga airport, sky Festa popular, but this year will be held on 10/14 (day). Pleasant events such as sightseeing aircraft including the free opening of an observation deck, cannot experience the country quite drop-off experience and ANA Aviation Department, Cessna aircraft and airport backyard tour is packed! Also chemical fire truck for special vehicles have been deployed to the airport are empty days in constant will be public. Is your chance to experience of this eco-eco-friendly electric vehicle exhibition and test-drive. Events require application in advance, so take a look at on the home page, please!

* Saga official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-urban low-carbon law"

Intended that the law and urban low-carbon promotion law was promulgated to 9/2012, cutting CO2 emissions in cities and to realize a low-carbon city ( enforcement is 2012 year ). The centerpiece of this is the certification system for energy-saving housing. It is will be subject to special measures, such as housing and energy-saving housing, low-carbon building construction and renovations fit certain criteria. The efforts together with land, infrastructure and transport, such as special provisions for the installation of solar PV in the utilization of public transportation such as bus and train maintenance and unused sewage heat, Park and battery, environment, economy, is attracting attention.

Than * environment goo


Do you know illegal dumping hotline?

Illegal dumping does not go away easily. As a counter to prevent large-scale industrial waste illegally dumped in the Environment Department of waste management and recycling Department public information directly by opening illegal dumping hotline. Suddenly a big hole dug" you see situations such as saw and dump out in the early morning and late at night
to the following information please. Early detection of illegal dumping translates to prevent the spread of environmental pollution.
-Mobile ( i-mode


Survey on the own process of exporting waste plastic bottles etc

Ministry of the environment has announced results of field investigation on exporting waste plastic bottles such as municipalities own processing carried out on March 23, 2003. Capacity planning for all municipalities in the corporate route based on the 0/2012 container recycling law was 67.2% of 23 years in the same value. Also, city destination for pet bottles does not provide information to residents and city delivery carriers and contract stipulates delivery requirements rate compared with last year, did not indicate a significant improvement. Put vision also municipal names published in the Ministry of the environment, organize and to publicize the end of year 11, and has.

* EIC net more


Held in Fukuoka 10/1 briefing Basel law, etc.

You should do proper procedures based on the Basel law (law concerning specific hazardous waste export and import regulations) and waste management Act (concerning waste disposal and public cleaning law) If you export and import of waste. And announced that jointly hosted the briefing Basel law and Ministry of economy, trade and industry Ministry of the environment, will be held in Fukuoka City, 10/1.
-Re / 1/2012 13:30-15:30
-Hall, Fukuoka No. 1 joint Bldg. Annex meeting room
-Cost: free
For more information, please see home page of the Ministry of the environment.

* Environmental Ministry homepage



Recently 25, [ACT CLEAN SAGA: Saga TV host to our iwafuchi employees also participated.
In the Ariake Sea cleanup strategy 2012 4 prefectures of joint business, this [ACT CLEAN SAGA] close approximately 1,000 participants in, looking to join everyone in the cleaning activities spiritedly.
From small children to the elderly, Pons for heat and came hard.
Try to practice the thought environmental problems from one familiar place, from the saga for the conservation of the environment! It was saying as a meaningful time.
As a result, whole, to collect approximately 9 tons of trash have reached.


-AHA! Environmental terms-bioassay""

Is a way to test for toxicity, such as river water, wastewater, air and exhaust gas using organisms, such as fish or Daphnia combined assay (analysis and evaluation) and bio (organism) and bioassay" words. Know also 割ri出sanakute toxicity of chemicals so that tens of thousands of types can be safe in the human body and is performing many for screening and monitoring of environmental pollutants. It is able to review overall safety
including cheap and unknown toxicity there are disadvantages


Once released tornado notice information

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, in Japan in five years tornadoes per year average about 23-experiencing lately has. Tornado precautions information is the information calling for attention against tornadoes occurring in cumulonimbus clouds and fierce gusts of wind. Note 1 hour announced, tornadoes note information. If a dangerous condition is followed by announced information.
● If the outdoor
In the tents, sheds, garages, prefab is dangerous. Entered in the Lee of a sturdy structure, please ensure the safety to reduce the wear. And even telephone poles and thick trees collapsed, is dangerous.
● If the indoor
Close the Windows and curtains, leave Windows as much as possible. Under the large glass Windows and surrounding is very dangerous. Let's move if detached 1 floor room.

* Japan Meteorological Agency website


Karatsu in environment events summer touch the Earth

From 8/25 perfect for summer holidays in Karatsu city modern library 9/2 to environmental events will take place summer touches the Earth. World events touched only 20 valuable digital globe Earth 100 years after watching, Karatsu city trash missing and participate in quiz format, can experience the environmental issues closer to home! Also during the summer project an ideal Waku Waku experience environmental private supplementary school ' will be held. Please visit the course and learn about the environment
such as hand-made wind turbines and solar panels will be conducted daily


ECO is the Eiffel Tower, in 2013, debut

Symbol-Eiffel Tower in Paris will include one of world famous tourist destination. Currently, 2 floor massive renovations of the new Eiffel Tower intimacy, attractive, and will reborn keyword ecology. Major renovation is two-part front glass, Museum and restaurant are open. Also by installing mini wind generator and solar panels power directing Paris a dynamic in the ecology, such as reduce the introduction of rainwater reuse system in addition to approximately 30%. Stay tuned to the appearance of the Eiffel Tower around the end of 2013, the facelift is resumed publishing to the public!

Than * environment goo


Good luck in London! Cancer athletes!

Finally, is the opening of the London Olympics! Cheering for the players in the saga, warm up the Olympic Games together!

-Tae kwon do (women's 57 kg class) / Mayumi Hamada's ( yet eyebrows ) players
8/9 (Thursday) qualifying and quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals
-Boat ( women's light-weight class double skull ), Fukumoto Atsuko (mitsuyo and Atsumi) players
7 月 27 日 (Sun) qualifying, 31 (Tue) Repechage
8/2 (Thursday) semi-finals, 8/4 (SAT) final
-Sailing (470 class male), Yuichi Yoshida Satoshi (. Yu Yoshida please ) players
8/2 (wood), 3 (Fri.), 4th (SAT), 6 (Monday) and 7 (Tue), 9 (Thu)
-Volleyball (girls), Marisa applies ( relishing Pan Risa ) players
7/28 (SAT), 30 days (January), 8/1 (water), 3 (Fri), 5 days ) qualifiers
8/7 (fire) quarter-finals, 9 (Thu) semifinals, 11, (SAT) 3rd place decision against the 11, (SAT) final

* Saga official website


Proposed PCB waste processing deadline extended

Process chemicals PCBs (Poly chloride biphenyl) was once used to, such as transformers and capacitors, but clearly is discontinued is toxic to people and creatures can be. It is currently planned-already manufactured regulations the PCB waste treatment law, proper processing is done, for various reasons, such as technical terms aren't going. In review processing date is now up to 7/2016 and Review Committee of the Ministry of the environment, should extend about 2 years and recommendations. Published and should allow processing to complete until 2028 of the period it is sought in the Stockholm Convention on opinion.

Than * environment goo


Go out to a cool spot!

Soon summer vacation! Home away from home, and just incurs a power consumption such as the use of air conditioning. This summer why not beforehand, excursion to the cool spot electricity? The introduction featured a cool spot in Saga Prefecture.
-Waterfall waterfall, Shimizu (Ogi Ogi-machi), see waterfall (Ouchi town, Karatsu City)
-Camping / kitayama campground (Fuji town, saga City), camping in the mountains (Saga city mise village), lofty nanayama Karatsu city, nanayama
So far, such as libraries, museums, Museum, cinema that contains already conditioning in addition, also leads to energy saving. Don't overdo it, 乗ri切rimashou 'summer' fun!

* Saga official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-next generation lighting

In development for next-generation lighting and reduce the energy use of advanced lighting, also called energy saving lighting. The most advanced development is LED (light emitting diode). Is bright and long life features in the incandescent light bulb light source parts can reduce the generation of waste and about seven times compared to conventional fluorescent lamps, as well as replacement of about 40 times, especially maximum is life. Also electric bulb type fluorescent lamp or organic EL lighting a sort of next-generation lighting. Task ambient lighting, properly illuminating the surrounding ( ambient ) and work location (task) to control smarter lighting in addition to the performance of individual products in recent years is also attracting attention.

Than * environment goo


Are you ready for blackouts?

Monthly calendar was announced about the blackouts started from July. Blackouts is not a translation must be implemented, take a look at announced saga once, a planned outage caution is recommended. What to prepare in advance, such as water or portable radios, blackout precautions are introduced. Rolling blackouts are implemented, and worried about the onset of heatstroke, or problems such as temperature control of food in the fridge. Also, the risk of trapped elevator in the apartment or building more. It is important to keep gathering information in advance in preparation for planned outages.

* Note the planned outage from Saga Prefecture official homepage


-AHA! Environmental terms-recycling utilization rate

Collected resources on social ' cyclic utilization of how well things as resources reuse (reuse) and is (recycling) are recycled is a measure. How to calculate the divide by material amount (sum of circulating usage and consumption
natural resources etc.) submitted the amount of recycling the material. Circulation rate for fiscal 2009 by 14.9% compared to the year 2000 and rise about 5 points. In order to improve the circulation utilization rate country


Saga Prefecture held a summer power thank you gifts

In Saga Prefecture this summer, nice giveaway from sponsoring companies and organizations provide families worked to conserve electricity to every month 300 customers to hold summer power thank you gift to present. Target audience is families living in Saga Prefecture and Kyushu electric power electric contract with the the applicants submissions together with power-saving results to prove that reduced more than 3% compared to previous year electricity usage (meter reading copy). To ease the summer power shortage, and is planning a Panzerjäger presents opportunities. Do you how it is sure fun involved in your family? For more information please see saga website.

* Saga official website


Presented a certificate of appreciation to recycling excellence organizations

Collective collection blue-chip organizations 6/7/2012, sponsored by paper Promotion Center in Hotel com's Fukuoka commendation ceremony was held. Certificate of appreciation issued target is 1. Organization group collection past 5 years or more, more than four times per year are continuing, 2. Is an organization that meets nomination criteria that the Organization expected wastepaper collection a remarkable achievements and will continue to. This year the Ishihara women's Association elected blue-chip organizations like the President Ikeda said enjoyed by volunteers cooperating with women's membership and to establish a team that became easier to put also for elderly households". Was presented a certificate of appreciation at the presentation ceremony after the Party held a good relationship."


Urban heat island countermeasures outline to a revision

Government so far formulated the outline of heat island measures in 2004, has been promoted to mitigate urban heat island phenomenon, but its measures to strengthen a revised and interim revised draft. The effect of urban heat island phenomena include increase in heatstroke in summer, photochemical oxidant formation, torrential. Besides, heatstroke prevention information to provide to the intermediate revision meteorological data calculates the nationwide heat index forecast values based on network of water by the reduction of artificial exhaust heat by encouraging the use of UN-used energy and energy-saving, green propulsion and the Green formation etc included.

Than * environment goo


To all of our business who would be saving diagnostic (free)

General incorporated foundation Department of energy Center conducts free energy saving diagnostics as part of power shortage in the summer. This power-saving diagnosis is to advise focusing on power-saving measures can be implemented immediately, with no capital investment, such as. The eligible employer requirements
-Contractual power is 50 kW or more high voltage power or special high-voltage power contractor.
-However, energy management specification factory specified by the energy conservation law is excluded.
-Eligible, small businesses, even in designated energy management factory.
For more information, see energy conservation Center, or saga official website. You can download the certificate and brochure.

* Saga official website


-AHA! Environmental terms-vein industry

Industries related to waste disposal and 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) and venous industries, that is. It is now called vein industry and likened to arteries of the society well, manufacturing and products industry, so involved in the waste and recycling industry. Waste disposal is, of course, is its business model, including waste handling and storage, recycling products processing and distribution range, venous industrial development is essential in building a sound material-cycle society along the way. The Ministry of the environment conducted development of Japanese venous industry measures and overseas business promotion to help business in veins industrial of Japan abroad from 2011.

Than * environment goo


Detoxification process PCB contaminated materials range expansion

For the Ministry of the environment waste contaminated with PCB (Poly chloride biphenyl) FY 2005 (PCB contaminated material), conducted the tests in industrial waste treatment facility for detoxification. For wastes containing other PCB plus PCB contaminated waste electrical equipment, such as trace for detoxification process certification in 2009 based on the waste disposal Act, has been testing. This time, the Ministry has considered the additional version of the PCB waste concentration per 1 kg 5000 mg or less. Also amounts of PCB contaminants out, sludge, waste paper, wood and fibers coated or impregnated PCG per 1 kg and 5000 mg revision is planned.

Than * environment goo


Waste generation is 17 yen (FIT the purchase price).

Ministry of economy, trade and industry was held in the Ministry in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo will come into effect in July, 4/25 and 27 in renewable energy fixed tariff system (FIT) pricing and procurement price purchase period, such as deliberate, calculating Commission. And accept the opinion Bill including purchase price and calculation approach, based on discussions and listening to opinions from the power generation business organizations, including, after the Committee submitted the Trade Minister to Yukio edano. Waste generation is divided into solid fuel burning municipal waste and sewage sludge, including FIT purchase price is 1 kW at 17 yen (tax included), buy take-out period is 20 years.

Than * environment goo


Start of electric car recharging service in hot springs

Hot Springs Hotel in Yamanashi Prefecture isawa-Onsen, 4/2012 than electric car charging service is started. The guests visited the electric vehicle and passenger of the day resting actively can free of charge, at the facility also introduce electric vehicles for transportation vehicles, Earth-friendly eco-activities. Considered are expected to demand as a next-generation passenger electric vehicles and infrastructure such as charging spots are inevitable. Spread future, these initiatives in tourist destinations, new services together is increasingly featured.

Than * environment goo


Department of energy-saving lectures school recruitment

In the Ministry of energy-saving home appliances spread promotion Forum in conjunction with the Ministry of economy, trade and industry, national elementary school with life-saving experts Ministry of energy-saving home appliances Concierge" ( 4-6 years students ) to Ministry of energy and dispatch
with children on global warming issues and family conducted learn energy-saving lectures. The implementation period 4/2012 at the end of ~ October


Saga Prefecture has ' residents attend forest (Mori) manufacturing activities ' recruitment

In Saga Prefecture, conserves forests that took over following generations, benefit from the forest for the citizens ' pay us to a forest environment tax (500 yen per year). Residents attend forest (Mori)-making activities" and
is a system to subsidize the costs needed for organizations utilizing this forest environment tax and the thinning and tree-planting activities


34 all-Japan junior high school student essay competition for water

8/1 is a water day. Carries the water week is a week from this day the country and Prefecture lead the next generation each year, junior high school students using essay writing competition. This year's theme is 'think about water. Environment
message post of junior high school students will lead to better understand and enhance the preciousness of water and water resource development of the public interest. Submissions guidelines for more information


Many celestial show in 2012!

Look and lacks a ring-shaped Sun 5/21 the Pacific side of Japan with large areas of the rare 'Eclipse' can be observed. Areas on the Pacific side of the Crescent Moon, such as a partial solar eclipse inflexible thin you can enjoy. Also unusual phenomena cannot 6/4 a partial Lunar Eclipse, solar transit of Venus looks 6/6 miss this opportunity to see up to 105 years, in addition to 8/14 hide Venus-Venus food can be observed. 2012 is just keep an eye from the celestial show miraculous year". Check observation meeting and event information


University of Tokyo succeeds in world's thinnest organic thin-film solar cell development

Announced, University of Tokyo 4/4, succeeded in the development of world's thinnest, lightest grade organic thin-film solar cells. Solar cells using organic semiconductor ever, large-area, low-cost, despite expectations that the lightweight thin film properties has historically been due to difficult preparation in terms of efficiency. However succeeded to form uniform, organic semiconductor thin film process technology to develop power generation 1 g equivalent to 10 W, per the lightest, thinnest, most flexible solar cell development. Hopes and future to expand power supply application for mobile information communication equipment and health care, for medical devices, including new applications.

Than * environment goo


Appliances are properly reuse and recycle!

Now moving season. Appliances no longer makes reuse and recycle properly, never to waste recovery operators do not ask. Waste recovery operator or patrol in the speakers, or post flyers and recovery appliances, in most cases, exporters through abroad illegally by selling to are. While saying 'free' expensive frequently billed amount issues, like CFCs and lead has frequent accidents to fire from the mountains of scrap metal on the appropriate collection. Of course environmental pollution is a serious problem; Rules determined by each region, let's contribute to build a recycling-oriented society.

* Environmental Ministry homepage


Make the most of the great outdoors (kashibaru) Marsh!

Nanayama, Saga Prefecture, Karatsu city in the wetlands 'marsh' that you know? Here is called oze' Kyushu
was designated in the Saga Prefecture natural environment conservation area special area 3/1976. In the mire of mountain spring water in about 60 types of rare wetland plants


Saga corporate collegiate golf tournament participation

3 / 20 from the company joined the saga corporate golf tournament, held in the (fire).
Sage TV and co-host of Takeo CC becomes a venue companies 50 teams participated and travelled to the exciting game.


The yoshinogari mega sites

Yoshinogari new Techno-Park site was attracting attention its usage from the previous, the advisors are utilized in industrial parks, one is for repurchase of the Prefecture decided that efforts to install the mega as new leverage law, aiming at realization of the Kingdom of the sun light, saga announced. Planning overview the footprint approximately 16 ha and output size is approx. 8,000 kW power estimator is in one year approximately 8 million kWh, this equates to the power consumption of approximately 2,400 households. Commercial operation will 0/2012 at the end, is expected to use as a place of innovation by cooperation of the solar cell and battery manufacturers and research institutions and children's environmental education.

* Saga official website


Natural disasters of the saga exhibition held at Saga Prefectural Library

Saga Prefectural Library 3/9 (gold)-organizes exhibitions to introduce valuable photos on natural disasters such as flood or earthquake ever occurred in Saga Prefecture, 3/27 (fire), marked the one-year from the great earthquake struck Eastern Japan and literature. Introduce record documents such as photographs in this exhibition, such as Judith Typhoon of the West off Fukuoka Prefecture earthquake of 0/2005 and Showa 24 focuses, belonging to the library and Saga Prefecture disaster different journal. This machine to rethink about the threat of natural disasters and disaster prevention, try talking with family, etc?.

* Saga official website


Municipalities accept waste disaster financial assistance

Promote debris in East Japan earthquake disaster area wide treatment Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is 3/4, expressed the idea that consider financial support and expansion of radioactivity inspection and disposal against the municipality accepts the disaster waste. The Prime Minister about the debris currently have municipalities accepted radioactivity inspection ' to help the country. Because I think especially around landfills radioactivity inspection is the only way to relieve anxiety, depending on if you want radioactivity inspection country and stressed. Shows the intention to further see by necessary we description might go to"the inhabitants description of acceptance in itself to embark on.

* Environmental news
daily newspaper



We will report about CM contest.

1 Sage TV CM contests were held, we make our CM-voted award.

Click here for contest overview


Protect the forest and drinking drinks-wakanoura Wakayama kitayama village

Wakayama Wakayama Prefecture kitayama village began test sales of carbon offset products as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Green decentralization reform research project. Roses used this product's specialty area of citrus drink ( 120 yen × 10 ), kitayama village forests to protect money 100 yen will be sold at a set price 1,300 yen. To prove to the purchaser in cooperation to reduce CO2 see carbon off/low certificates will be awarded, kitayama village spas available at and time of purchase to receive a discount. And this service is CO2 reduction and regional development to tackle at the same time, expectations are growing.

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Soil cesium 99.9% removal new technology

Developed a technology can remove radioactive cesium 99.9% from farmland soils contaminated with radioactive materials in Fukushima Prefecture agricultural research center (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture) was announced. Is a way to collect enriched caesium salt cooled after caught in the filter on this by adding inorganic compounds ' high performance reaction accelerator in contaminated soil and was easy to sublimate the radioactive cesium in rotary furnaces and process heating above 1300 degrees, gases of radioactive cesium. Demonstration 60000 BQ / 1 kg contamination of soil and the same 29 Bq 99.9% eliminated, is available for recovery and reconstruction and civil engineering materials, etc.

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Green fest in Kashima plant trees wanted

At Green fest in Kajima Corporation will be held on 3/24 (SAT), recruits participants of approximately 3,000 books, such as hydrangea, azalea, Japanese maple, oak tree-planting activities. This 8th annual tree planting location is in wood garden dam area in the Kashima city. On the day of Kashima City Gymnasium in forestry held various events such as the carpentry department. Participation is free, but requires registration in advance. Participation application form you can download from Saga Prefecture homepage. If you are interested in because the deadline is 2/29 (water) and the contact soon.

* Saga official website


Try using baking soda instead of a bath!

A daily bath with bath salts have been cold, but also a lot of? You can substitute baking soda bath salts, so once you try. How to use the baking soda 40 g ( Cup 1/3 ) bath and just melt. Is baking soda bath is good for rid of poor blood circulation and relieving fatigue. Also, put baking soda in the bath tub and bath cleaning even easier and more baking soda water is no strong smell like perfume, so the remaining hot water washing also available. Paste of baking soda with a small amount of water is also ideal for mildew remover. People are afraid of the smell of mildew Remover cleaner is safe.

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In Japan! R hydrogen station to Saitama Prefectural Government

At the end of March this year, to the Saitama Prefectural Government appeared R hydrogen station for the first time in Japan. It is filling the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (car running with water and sun light) has been researched and developed-R hydrogen stations and facilities. Less, less maintenance and operation costs are the running costs only electricity and water bill. So far been limits and 210 km is broke and continues to run electric cars, fuel cell vehicles in unfilled 620 km (and), and in 3-5 minutes is becoming fill. Planned availability for the general public and by the year 2015 is the new energy society was fast approaching to make sure.

more greenz.jp green business


Featured film story of the Japan Islands species

Nature Japan Islands rich of various on-site creatures who, Japan's first authentic nature documentary film that exposes 2/4. This film is 25 people representing the Japan animal photographers Japan around 30 or is a compilation of inspirational drama from the story of the epic truth and taken over two years and a half in Office, 1000 hours. Appearance of their tough living in very harsh and humorous parenting of mothers of the ordeal of the mother who lost her child monkey, wild boar, brown bears hard to challenge in the hunt brothers are filled on film so far not impressed and loving.

* Japan their narratives' official website"


Saga 'recyclable Garbage dumpsters 'countermeasures

According to circulation economic newspaper editorial 11 last year to on the 3R measures nationwide municipality survey"
replies: 93 out 36 municipalities ' taking away waste paper to ban ' has replied has enacted. If saga 1/2009 and enacted Ordinance of saga city waste weight loss promotion and proper processing


Hydrogen seminar in saga 2012

2/7 (fire), hydrogen seminar in saga 2012 will be held at the Avance Hall. Introduce the inviting prominent lecturers about trends in hydrogen energy Ene could generate electricity at home in the seminar, and fuel-cell vehicles now attracts attention. I think many may say hydrogen energy and still feel like that in the future, but in Saga Prefecture already hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and introduced as the official car, tosu city, Saga's first hydrogen station also has. Seminar is free to advance application is required. I try to go ride program for fuel cell vehicles will be held on that day, so?

* Saga official website


Consider such as mobile phone recycling system

Currently, small electrical and electronic equipment such as mobile phone or music player, and microwave does not become subject to recycling system by home appliance recycling law. However, for including these rare metals, and may contain hazardous substances such as lead, Central Environment Council of the Ministry of the Environment Subcommittee is seeking review of recycling system for about 100 items. And promotion type rather than this system, someone on duty, officials voluntarily implement recovery and recycling system and the recovery rate is at least 20 to 30 percent has targeted. Includes items such as also in the draft report, to design easy-to-dismantle, collection boxes for collecting planning by the municipality or cooperative retail establishment, the manufacturer.

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Winter Jasmine

To become bright-Japan-

For earlier this year of all the shareholders.
In 2011, we are East Japan earthquake and rather less experience and unprecedented situation
One year realized the importance of the bond between people and people.
Iwafuchi co.Ltd is a bright Japan even one step towards the can as
Employees will continue efforts with greater determination.
Also this year we thank you.

All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.



Eco-a good house-cleaning new year!

Spring cleaning season has arrived again this year. Do you know rinse ( conditioner ) participate actively to the ventilation fan is tough has recently gained cleaning goods also still handy to remove grease and gas stove? Meant to be, but rather it will remove dirt resistant: dirt, just wipe the whole paper towel infused rinse in surface finishing way! Can conditioner for thin film coated whole stain-resistant and reduces the number of cleaning itself the next time!
Sincerely this year of leaving this year, too, has become just that, thank you. Coming year prosperous and wishes to pray sincerely.

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Support measures to the Ariake and Yatsushiro sea fisheries damage

At Ariake and Yatsushiro sea seaweed harvests in 2002 law on special measures for playing both sea was enacted. However, this law was amended in 2011, in 2009 and 2010, a massive red tide disasters, principles also to be amended along with the implementation of the expansion of the area is. Has amended points are added one sentence about maintenance, such as alternative to farming areas and support measures for the removal of red tide, also countries take relief measures for affected fishermen and persons in related businesses. Should improve and advance the day to further improve water quality study as soon as possible.

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Winter, each household in a 5% saving!

Ministry of economy, trade and industry and concerned about power shortages this winter, each family wishes your power savings of 5% or more in Kyushu. Morning especially, increases the amount of heating at 8-11 time and beginning to make preparations for dinner 17:-celebrates the peak power use 20:. You can clear the 5% energy saving target cooperates with warm only so far in the indoor air conditioning room temperature 20 degrees, contributing layering, hot carpets are people, such as family. Also at the peak of the evening is rice day, let's get down to cooking for put together can further reduce energy depending on the device, such as pot of water boiling on the stove and put in the pot, so.

* Saga official website


Christmas present environmental picture book?

Have approached the Christmas gift this year, about the environment fun educational picture books"? Picks with Inaba asami's latest series ' it's such a peekaboo ASA's will '
story was actually in New York City enchanted gardens


Kumamoto Prefecture is ' eco-bear point system introduced"

Started system aimed at the spread of global warming prevention activity in Kumamoto Prefecture and civil work for global warming prevention activities eco-bear point cards, can receive benefits. NPO Corporation Kumamoto Secretariat and targeted environmental activities for global warming countermeasures Center certified by the range from registration for participation in the event, power-saving behavior, environmental management, environmental household account book. You can receive benefits equivalent to 100 yen in the 100 point and to bring the card registered participating store. Card Kumamoto popular character Winnie Mont" approach was adopted
and a city and Prefecture and NPO attracts attention.

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Verify the high ratio of waste paper exports Australia

Australia was the exporter of waste paper from the 1990s, but in recent years export ratio dramatically increases the ratio of exports last year amounted to 46%. Increased collection of used paper home system by increasing the breeders MRF (resource selection facilities) in such a background,, ㈪ varieties in the cardboard and magazines surged, for reappraisal in China increased process gap to expand exports also include the rise in the. Currently Japan's export ratio is 20%, but will in the future may be in Australia like there very much. You need to watch future movements tend to export ratio is high, and in short time plunging uncertain halt to distressed, so.

* Paper journal from 11/21



but Film Festival 2011" held"
11/25 (money) from the 27, 3 days (days), in saga city Tenjin and Avance, Visual or auditory disability, whether or not everyone can enjoy movies ' is disabled but Film Festival 2011 will be held. Is a movie you can watch people without disabilities and barrier-free movies


Consumption, home and cooking challenge

Posted in Saga Prefecture, make delicious dishes with regional ingredients and ingredients and recipes-home cooking-corner published on the official website. Menu so far, including eggs with seaweed in the Ariake Sea and sprinkle" and using the asparagus 'round and round rolls' suites menu with fruits such as. This season is also ready to harvest until next June
Eggplant open pizza' is recommended. It is fun talking about the challenge and with parent and child cooking while caught in local ingredients!

* Saga official website


Oak eco-site open

Kashiwa city, Chiba Prefecture opened oak eco sites to support initiatives by citizens and businesses energy-saving and power-saving. Introducing curtain of PV, eco, green, including e FePc site menu, CO2 emissions can be calculated easily. And happy cooking website for housewives, cooking recipes or cooking at save points is introduced. In life to help municipal environmental website are numerous, but a communication with citizens is rare, people of the area are available, so why not have?

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* Chicken eco-site ""


International paper front ~ Australia ~

In Australia so far, with the increase in population were increasing production of paper and paperboard, but has leveled off or decreased slightly in recent years. At about 3 million tons in last year's paper production decreased by 5% from the 2004 peak, about 6% of domestic consumption relies on imports. On the other hand, spreads the overproduction paperboard export volume last year was 880000 tons, 42% of the total exports for the. Also, unattended recovery systems that increase nationwide in Japan is called free drop" night for unattended waste paper collection boxes in similarly expanding is very interesting so far.

* Paper journal from 10/31"


Save the bath gas in aluminium sheet!

Simply from this cold season comes, and bath gas. Is best followed in the family as possible overlaps between entering the lifestyle was mutilated and it only would take gas in heating. Comes into play when so much is the aluminium sheet. And cut to fit the size of the bathtub with hot water and use. With plastic lid and double in more sustained heat insulation effect. 乗ri切rimashou with various twists, to shorten the time firmly wiping hair with a towel after rose out of the bath, a hair dryer, cold winter!

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Add held in the briefing to disseminate low carbon equipment, Fukuoka

Carries out subsidy programs to assist the Ministry of environment and Ministry of economy, trade and industry as part of a global warming centered on household, business and transportation sector introduced in lease low carbon equipment for a wide range of areas such as renewable energy equipment, industrial machinery, industrial equipment 3% of the total lease. Decided to add held in Fukuoka ( 14 月 27 日 ) ( 11/2 ) Sendai, Tokyo ( 11/8 ), manufacturers and sales company for briefing last month, was held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, but. * Eligible low-carbon equipment and application form, please see home page.



On electric vehicles and charging just 5 minutes!

In Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture venture company ' energy applied research laboratories is the electric car 100 units or more, and about five minutes at the same time invented a full charge can be rapid charging system for electric power storage. Kanno Tomio, President is the technicians worked for total 20 years in, such as car makers and battery manufacturers. Thought and popularization of electric vehicles need charging system, starting in 2006. Earn how to convert DC to AC power is similar to the traditional チャデモ"
but after the conversion


This year also participated in the Act clean

ACT CLEAN SAGA which 8th this year, since joining the us also held joint and the Ariake Sea clean-up strategy 2011.
You could shed fresh sweat along with 8/20 on that day was hit by rain from early in the morning, but nevertheless more than 700 participants.
Including occupational and volunteer organizations from across the venue, families, approximately 700 people. About its whats toiling East higashiyoka Ariake Sea coastal cleanup activities over the two-hour.
Reeds clean-up sites on dead grass and empty cans etc. lots remain, drew on the power of all waste has exceeded 15 tons. It is realized that greatness of manpower at the same time amazed at the amount of trash.
Ariake Sea, seaweed production in Japan, is a treasure trove of seafood variety, but in recent years, pointed out deterioration of the environment and its conservation is major challenges for the region. I think co iwafuchi, beautiful home, beautiful Earth to protect the future also want to continue such steady beautification.


Featured BOOK common sense energy saving energy saving earlier can be used all year round

Still tough summer. The introduction book about energy saving this time. Of course common sense energy saving energy saving earlier can be used all year round, another consumer electronics energy saving information you want to check all year round, such as air conditioning, fans, electric carpets and kotatsu, dehumidification and 'cooling' which is the saving? The book is condensed energy saving, such as making wind point is. Also, user-friendly energy e mark on the air conditioning, I can't ask common sense Q & a are presented further. With correct knowledge about energy conservation, should fully demonstrate in the workplace or at home!

Energy saving energy saving earlier can be used all year round sense 1,260 yen (tax included)
Author, Yukiko yamakawa, Publisher, Kodansha

Than * environment goo


Accelerated stop rush of printing paper

In addition to the impact of the Lehman Brothers hit Eastern Japan earthquake, has accelerated its stopping rush of printing paper. Japan paper group has unveiled major paper machine production stopped in printing paper business revival plan. As a result, dip (deinking waste paper pulp) stops at two plants total 620 tons. Also OJI paper printing paper Division 3 factory machines are stopped and, DIP Nissan total 320 t stop, Shizuoka district with only two companies declined DIP power 940 tons. This is paper consumption and expense 26000 tons per month and are seen.

* Paper journal from 8/22


Check at home, still survive in power-saving!

14 power consumption will peak around midnight, Home household consumption was flat is said to average 1, 200W, of air conditioning occupies about half. Let's check the ready run also meant useless power to review the power-saving measures menu my website below,-air conditioning carries out temperature 28 ° c,-rice early in the timer function day-cooked in that such items. It is important to businesses as well as cooperate to conserve electricity at home and tough guys in hot weather. * My home Panel beta version in each can understand also the energy usage in your home.

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Expect to sleep in underground coal and gas

Mikasa city, Hokkaido once thrived on coal mine is embarked on the creation of a new energy using coal resources lying beneath. Gasification of coal from underground coal beds dug two holes and send consolidated-air or oxygen in the 'U'-shaped → burn coal gas raised power and fuel use, the method is used. Itakura Kenichi Professor of MURORAN Institute of technology graduate school of ' digging coal is inexpensive, you can take advantage of the underground coal the greatest benefit. How to have been made in Australia and South Africa, is the depth of the hole from 100 m up to 1 km or more diversity and talks. To open the new road to energy security during August's first demonstration experiment is done
practical realization of utilizing coal.

* Hokkaido Shinbun"


Decreased consumption of newsprint, USA

The American newspaper industry is Finet's e-world, are particularly affected. Bankruptcy and major newspaper Tribune two years ago is experiencing, and even 5 years approximately 50 companies. In newsprint production was 6560000 tons in 2000 decreased to 3110000 tons in 2010, imports and consumption both in 10 years rather than the half up to nearly one-third has declined. Also are becoming undiplomatic America country wide for a local newspaper more and rely on newspaper ads-style prolonged recession spurred the company e-seek while also coming to a halt.

* Paper journal from 7/18


In the summer, parent-child factory tour?

Come on now, fun summer! I have a lot of companies carrying out factory in Saga Prefecture. For example, kewpie and tosu factories or at the dinner table every day, such as Kyushu factory of Ajinomoto's familiar food even learn manufacturing processes and corporate environmental measures the products feel closer to. Other Otsuka Pharmaceutical and saga factories, in Saga Prefecture 'Kyushu electric power, Tian Shan power plant Museum' and all you can see. Do you take it a look at using the summer vacation, try go in parent-child? Not only spread knowledge of curious children, increases the fun memories of the summer!

* Factory tour website


Cardboard and magazines, $ best value

Masonry could ever 2008 Lehman Brothers before dollars best value of cardboard, newspaper, magazines, Kanto quotient set July exports estimate the cardboard → $ 254 to $ 270 magazine-251 dollars $ 255 and update their respective maximum values. That topped the $ 300, enough is likely to follow the newspaper remains $ 280-$ 288 attention. Also are offset by the appreciation of the yen ( wholesalers take ), for domestic trading exchange has significant cushioning helps. A growing view on the other hand, differentials 4 yen from spreading around the domestic paper mills since the fall, to trading correct move.

* Paper journal from 7/11


Joint saving 15% power-saving demand, paper maker

Tohoku electric power co. and Tokyo electric power company is seeking 15% power-saving for major consumers, each major paper makers en masse operations shift operation of power generation facilities and factories, summer has announced other holidays. On the other hand, household paper manufacturer is planning to utilize the joint-use restriction scheme to maintain operations on multiple companies a fair burden from the peak is difficult, many enterprises of company a factory. Participating companies are Fuji district 26's 31 turn operations and offices, divided into 5 groups, daily stop 1 group. A year to about 10 percent of the cuts will not affect product supply pattern. Power saving request extends the motion in the other districts, strongly expressed the view just this summer no problems, are increasingly wary of.

* Paper journal from 7/4


Disaster waste management measures, from this production.

Of national industrial wastes associations 6/17, charitable association after becomes the first general meeting was held. Is East Japan earthquake disaster wastes processing support as a business plan for this year in the General Assembly was approved. Also in briefing was held in 6/16, Japan waste Federation to the Ministry of the environment, was obviously to establish temporary special measures as long as wastes arising from East Japan earthquake, accept entrustment of handling. Disaster waste is processed only in the municipalities affected by the disaster is difficult because the industrial waste related industry organizations, with agreements signed, with removal and hauling, local governments.

* Environmental news from 6/22


The Green curtain eco-wisdom is full!

It increases in recent years, including the City Hall and other public facilities, shops and households also make the Green curtain. Suitable for curtains of green plants is the vines, morning glories and Goya. Is also a mansion, including veranda to tie a net can easily just left closing the curtain on high blindfold effect. You can lower room temperature and making shadows on Windows, or high temperature cooling setting, to shorten the time. As the heat is valid because in addition to absorbing CO2 through photosynthesis. Green curtain, cool and comfortable to spend a summer.

Than * environment goo


Recover the full yard of Sendai city

All factory paper manufacturers from Eastern Japan earthquake damaged about 3 months in northeastern stands recovered, and resuming the wholesalers were affected also. It is full of paper mills in the affected areas occurs, such as cardboard relief supplies, remain with recycled yard reconstruction so far waited for the old. Sendai city infrastructure recovery, yard recovery progressed relatively quickly, but in contrast to many untouched so far city of ishinomaki, Tohoku area 24 yards out, ishinomaki city 4 1 Kesennuma-Shi, Fukushima Prefecture 3 gauge 8 yards resumption time TBA. Paper-intensive Japan paper and ishinomaki factory and round it is expected that recovery of three paper mills and head office factory machines, Tohoku area demand toward normalization.

* Paper journal from 6/20


To other countries distributed signs from China-dependent

2nd place Thailand is approximately 1% of the remaining 1 percent were share Viet Nam, Taiwan, Korea, occupied approximately 8% of Chinese waste paper exports in Japan so far. Current challenge was China-dependent risk of Lehman Brothers in 2008, also receiving disaster and temporarily stagnant exports to China starting to see signs to other countries distributed. It is from the growing intention to procure it stable, Japan products in expansion plans and Masataka group of Taiwan and Viet Nam Saigon paper in other Asian countries in a high evaluation of quality. This machine, waste paper exports are expected to diversify away.

* Paper journal from 6/6


June is environment month

During the month of June, at the call of the Ministry of the environment 6/5 environment day to performs various initiatives as the environment month throughout the country. In Saga Prefecture, Prefecture unison home landscaping activities, conducts various events, such as 'wastes illegally dumped simultaneous checking. Also ' Prefecture en masse lights down campaign '
County Office building in from 7/7 20: 22 until lights will be conducted. Why not to engage in events during this period has done various events in each city


The best newspaper exports to Korea in the past

Newsprint so far for Korea's export volume was a monthly 2,000-4,000 tons, is exported about 10000 tons monthly since last December and March this year 15000 tons record you are. It seems that this background, Korea denting paper introduced the DIP Facility, began using recycled newspaper of Japan. For the need to increase the whiteness when newsprint regrow coat stuff magazine, but on newsprint in Japan originally included flyers usability is good. Could break the past export prices only newspaper newsprint consumption and generation has retreated in the industrialized countries, but it is.

* Paper journal from 5/23


Various economizing in the bath can be

Introducing the saving tips from this can be in the bath for the hot summer. Boil some water in a short time, temperatures will rise in the heat of the day and bath water from the morning holds in the bathtub because gas bill savings. If you put hot water faucet is enough water, because from the morning low up water temperature. Also cashes lighting LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are other, go together in the family, such as effective! Also do not need electrical bathroom bath ahead of time staggered hours on weekends, and. Depending on the device you can save more!

Than * environment goo


Born from the stone stone paper recruitment expansion

Stone paper and raw materials do not use wood chips, in mineral-rich limestone and polyethylene using eco, is a stone paper. Also, without cutting down valuable forests and do not use water during the production so no drainage features. Higher brightness, so is unnecessary and acidic chemicals and fluorescent dyes and bleaches. Increasing expectations on the birth of the new eco papers, you can contribute directly to the protection of the forest and water resources and global warming, has already adopted in the print of Japan Olympic Committee booklet or social welfare Council, Tokyo, bunkyo-Ku, Toshima-Ku.

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G. W. planning! Ariake Sea creature coloring"

Ariake Sea is a sea of productivity with a huge and unique ecosystems is sea environment is deteriorating in recent years. In Saga Prefecture as part of protecting the natural environment, regain the Ariake Sea once done with various different initiatives. And organized by the children of the Ariake Sea and creature coloring Ariake Sea. You can know through the coloring" mutsugoro
Fiddler crab


West Japan paper and domestic paper demand is strong

Is expected to return to levels before the great earthquake in Kanto area by radioactive pollution problems still stopped many waste paper exports to China remain in it takes lots later this year. Recycled surplus problem not surfaced yet, but the magazine already seen the signs. On the other hand, West Japan west of Shizuoka paper continues domestic paper demand, export inquiry strongly, the tightening supply and demand conditions. East-West so to supply and demand appeared weak, may cause changes in earthquake in Kanto polar concentrated was the one waste paper exports and recovery structure in long paper trade first.

* Paper journal from 4/25


Old newspapers in a dirty glass sparkle!

Pollen or dust, dirty glass Windows? You may end up tarnishing and leave pollen or dust that adheres to the glass. Can be cleaning SOAP is not used at that time, items are old newspapers. Old newspapers soaked with water and squeeze lightly wipe the window glass, and ink composition made the film surface, washes off clean dirty or dull. In old newspapers, dry finish Polish to shine. Glass together at the end of the year. But not so diligently down dirt when realized, also cleaning and easier!

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Experience the Agriculture of Japan-saga ~

You can be feeling the food touches the Agriculture of Japan and changing seasons blessings. Speaking of popular agricultural experience in Saga Prefecture, Karatsu city 'gaherhahouse' include mise farm vegetable is not the saga city. Eat strawberry picking and unlimited time up to early may, while 'gaherhahouse' welcome harvest now, Kyushu is rare in Iberia (Strawberry) you can enjoy the all-you-can-eat. Small children can't eat in one bite so heartily enjoy the blessings of the Earth and not in your mouth filled with big Iberia!

Than * environment goo
Gaherhahouse" click here for more vegetable is not the Mise farm"


After the disaster, State of the paper industry.

Not only East Japan earthquake brought serious damage in Tohoku area mills and recycled yard, has evolved to the radioactive waste pollution problem. Summarizes the current situation after the earthquake.

-Stop exports to China
Then stopped Northeast for export 100000 tons of paper per month 700000 tons was recovered in the Kanto area, was piped into the export for China 160000 tonnes (8% of the Kanto area exports 200000 tons) a regulatory base for China detected radioactivity exceeding 0.3 microsieverts from 3/16 stop exports. It seems from Western Japan paper is currently the pollution problem caused by radioactivity are not, on the Chinese side to Japan freight to stringent regulations is that measuring instruments inspection becomes necessary.

-Lack of a serious fuel Tohoku area
Yard waste paper and paper mill recovery proceeds at a rapid pace, Japan paper industries use large amounts of waste paper, Iwaki daio paper went into full production. However, the gasoline and diesel fuel due to insufficient production cars is limited, not have the recovery. For about recycled paper out of Sendai city home, hand in the recovery of debris and garbage, Sendai, calling home in reserves for waste paper.

-Kanto area occupancy rates down in blackouts
Tokyo electric power blackouts gives effect to the waste yard operation. Power and stop penetration system and balers, wedge will also hinder fall yard utilization as well. Operating units consistent system using equipment from vehicles such as large trucks can be converted to household power wholesalers will accept worst case is weighed by weight, but for power generation facilities, in many cases.

* Paper journals 3/28, 4/4 more


Miyagi Prefecture recycled yard, damage extensive

In East Japan earthquake occurred in 3/11, Miyagi Prefecture is rated most serious damage from more than half the waste yard was located near the coast. Also have a significant effect to the local paper mill, Tohoku district from the Kanto area monthly average 100000 tons bought less recycled paper, for the time being stop being accepted. Direct supplier Kanto Stockyards without the emergency release to the plants in Hokkaido and Central and West export, or pressured to. 1, differs from the great Hanshin earthquake. Is then recycled in the era of import current and diametrically opposite, 2. Kinki's paper originated but this is paper consumption, 3. This time as well as paper yard blow, such as cited in the paper mill, recovery in the Northeast area, consumption is inevitably resulting in dramatically reduced.

* Paper journal from 3/21


With your report, please

Thanks very much to all of our eco-Cap activity TMSS help us a lot.
Has itself already aware of our first encounter was an unprecedented disaster has occurred, unimaginable in the affected areas.
From the destructive giant tsunamis still associated it with plenty of victims, one hope many people safely rescued in desperate need. In addition all earthquake affected the nuclear disaster we have ever had is not a great disaster, and media, such as television and newspapers to see every time I have a heart.
Whereas such severe disaster situation, we believe as a NPO ecocap Cap money donation to the earthquake off the coast allotted to let Government.
As a response from going through this thing has a different vaccine with the purpose of providing funds and awareness, but also said the crisis situation and said come to you.
Who strongly support stricken, overcome the plight together our business by more than 100 companies have been taking plenty of people across the country are already providing CAP, Cap, and Cap association promoting things in there.
However, about the exact amount and timing decision ecocap's website to report that we.

NPO ecocap Promotion Association
President, sasamori Kiyoshi


Never give up! Energy saving!

Out of household power consumption, most likely is the air conditioning. No need to overwork your families with small children and elderly people, but not air conditioning with twists, such as wear double socks and clothes, or in using the bare minimum todomemashou. If you cut one hour heating setting temperature 20 degrees, in one year savings of approximately 900 yen. Indoor thermal insulation effect is more just to bathe or thick curtains and reach your feet long cloth. Let me review fundamentals in this case consumer toilet seat warm function and keeping warm pot, I usually have to leave too.

* goo news


Only domestic trading, cardboard single price hike?

Whether or not moving domestic trading from April 3 kinds of cardboard, newspapers and magazines, is attracting attention. Recent raw materials price increases often case is set with product price hike. Domestic trading since April last year was both flat rate price and cardboard 15 Yen ¥ 15 newspapers, magazines 14 yen, but later in each region and with the rose, East-West trend. Situation one year before's April this year corrugated cardboard top from the injury 2 Yen higher 17 Yen the other 2 that remains unchanged in the new pricing of 15 newspapers, magazines 14 yen and are expected.

* Paper journal from 3/14


About Tohoku earthquake

Pray for those killed by the earthquake off the Sanriku coast occurred in the 3/11, the victims and families, our heart and prayers to everyone concerned.
Best wishes quick recovery.


Ecotech refrigerator can now!

Speaking of appliances throughout the year, use the electric refrigerator. For example, oven temperature setting is ' strong, medium and weak ' of CO2 can reduce about 25 kg and can save electricity bill of about 1,360 Yen in one year and is divided into three phases, temperature 15 degrees when strong medium to. Also the ones can be stored at room temperature, out of the fridge, if half the contents in one year $, CO2 approximately 18 kg will save. So make a clearance as possible in the freezer, and acts as a refrigerant food materials among the more it becomes energy conservation. Check the fridge now!

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Sanuki udon, without waste into bio fuel

Kagawa Prefecture is to fall from the production line including the sanuki udon approximately 15 million tonnes incinerated consulted from the noodle company, has been successfully cooperating with local manufacturers, to produce the alternative fuel ethanol. Udon is melted in the enzyme, yeast, fermentation and distillation and concentration of 100% ethanol is about 10 g are manufactured from Udon noodles 100 g. Ethanol can be used in noodle factory boiler fuel, extracted and after rest is can be produced methane gas and fertilizers from the CASS. This is country's first initiatives, is aiming for commercialization of next spring.

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Noticeable decrease in China's wastepaper imports, European

Last year, China's wastepaper imports of paper industry evolved and became a negative growth for the first time. However, still a paper and paperboard production continues to grow around 8 percent, imports decrease more than greatly increase domestic yields. Country imports in China last year, America's # 1 at 10140000 tons year decreased by 5.8%, Japan's largest at 3500000 tons last year and 15% is a large European countries further decline, Italy fell 48%, Germany fell 47%, Spain stands out, down 33%. To further increase domestic recovery of China's future, Japan Chinese trader has been withdrawn.

* Paper journal from 2/21


Emergency water purification, bicycle pedals

Japan Basic (Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) was developed by cycloclean" is the bicycle pedals
can purify water for emergency water purification system. Easy to use! Up to where there is water


Featured movie sensibilities of Rachel Carson Woods

Rachel Carson is the author of the best seller published in 1962, silent spring. To be in the world for the first time accused the danger of chemical substances by exposed to scathing criticism from some inconvenient claim of her media and chemical industry. But you still never succumb, lobbied the crisis of human health and the environment. This film's movie of his book became a posthumous 'sense of wonder'. Cottage in Maine, sent the rest of his life in his later years, gentle, and Roger's nephew spent daily reproduced in beautiful documentary. (From the 2/26/2011 national successively published)

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Iwafuchi co.Ltd, ISO27001 certification

Iwafuchi co., Ltd., West Japan regional recycle and iwafuchi transportation co., Ltd. has been certified the ISO27001 information security management system (ISMS) on international standards.



Go down? Electrical books

significant rise of the Galapagos, reader and iPad e-reader, explosively popular in America last year, is down greatly on demand for paper. This factor to 1. Originally the American bookstore and infrastructure that was not enough as Japan 2. Logistics in disadvantaged areas was the high price of books, 3. Publishers maintain copyright to electronic transition was smooth, such as include. Is predicted to penetrate while future perspective and consider the terms of the Japan-U.S. difference in Japan does not constitute threats as the United States is strong, but gradually, over the years.

* Paper journal from 1/31


In the technology of Japan space trash to zero!

Has pointed out problems such as conflict with the satellite in space continues wreckage of the satellite, such as the current. Research, space debris net of the number of km in length and induce in the Earth's atmosphere, burn with the trash and is underway. To make this a special network, celebrated its 100th anniversary last year Nitto" Fukuyama-Shi
Hiroshima is a network. JAXA aerospace Aviation Institute development and joint development


U.S. PPI magazine the world of 2025 paper demand forecast

6 percent due to growth in China and estimated, predicted according to the January issue of PPI published research company of the United States, RISI Pulp & paper international paper demand in the world reached 400 million tons in 2025. Also predicts world waste paper utilization is by 2025, from 56% to 65% recycled paper demand future in 25 years increases every year by 4%. Anticipate further developing countries paper demand surge in China and development capable of waste paper used for paper and paperboard waste paper imports reached 45 million tons by 2025, and continue to be in future world's largest recycled paper importer.

* Paper journal from 1/24


Saga Prefecture Eco Challenge contest underway!

While living in Saga Prefecture Eco-Eco Challenge contest can reduce how much CO2, and practice to feel engaged. It will spend in the family room in their homes 'bath continued, enteringis the attempt to implement nine checks for 10 days. From those who worked on the eco challenge
'CO2 emissions so rewarding comes out' ' nature and children saving one cares '


Explore the paper trends in Asia in 2011

And growing China market last year, since for the first time began to decrease waste paper imports. Reason is the surge in the domestic recovery. Exceeded American waste paper recovery of China's future, the procurement of domestic waste paper is more than 7 percent, and international price of wastepaper-based may shift to China from the United States. Also waste paper exports in Japan about 8% in China one ultra concentration of is. Change in China is also regarded as an opportunity to look to other countries. Already way from Japan is also seeking overseas expansion and open a waste yard ride underperforming in the present situation is tough. But Asian Governments ( garbage loss in weight and recycling, including ) and soft policies of Japan and work together, to build a recycling system may become new foothold for overseas market.

* Paper journal from 1/3


Iron print of Appendix a to the self-regulatory

From last August, in the Appendix of the Shonen Jump used iron-on transfer (paper printing), was busy sorting and removal of paper manufacturer, paper wholesaler in the decided guidelines do not use printing paper in the Appendix of the Member publishers of the magazineJapan Magazine Association. Printing paper is specified to contraindications
mixing and recycling to waste paper and embossed splotchy stains over time. For 8% of the recovered goods were left Appendix 3200000 Shonen Jump and more circulation also grew


Happy new year!

Respectfully and sincerely wishes for the new year.
For earlier this year of all the shareholders.
Iwafuchi co.Ltd is 2011 also see clean earth to future generations ' motto
Trash strive and recycling as well as weight loss.
Toward the next generation, so we can spread their wings
Employees will continue to further efforts.
Also this year we thank you.

All staff iwafuchi co., Ltd.



Cleaning also eco-in the new year!

Come on, now is a thorough cleaning. But wait a minute. Commercial detergents full of harmful substances such as surfactants or chlorine bleach! So firmly down, dirt, waste water without harm, further become water-saving ' eco-note how to clean ' will teach you. For example, baking soda. This is oil stain, suitable for ventilation fans, range and window film. Also the citric acid stain and SOAP alkaline stains, such as Caspar is great. Both dissolve in water and put aside or in small amount of water into a paste, use. This year eco-a challenge to cleaning, well let's welcome the new year!
Sincerely this year of the Bunny is the end of the year, but a thank you. Coming year prosperous and wishes to pray sincerely.

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Super's paper distribution 'disintermediation' symptoms, causes

Launch a recycling plant, balers with, in recent years, such as super moves actively. It is easy because originally the Super shipping route, on the way back home resources such as waste paper. Logistics Center with balers, recycling center in their selection and press enable is happening in the 'outline' of paper distribution. Corrugated containers discharged from one store if Super operates dozens of stores, comparable to the waste yard one minute, month 10 tons or so. These developments do not seems inevitable future.

* Paper journal from 12/13


New 30 yard 2010

According to recycled paper journal survey paper yard continued opening rush for 11 years in a row, new yard of the year was announced 30 places in the nation. With regard to another region in Kyushu two locations, is most in Kinki District 10-yard was established. This year, Miyazaki in the Kanto District, and a new new Kiba recycling center (total investment amount 3500000000 yen) and Kumamoto ecoport Kyushu (total investment amount 4 billion yen) was talking about. Waste paper recovery of declining trend in the paper wholesaler centered yard rush momentum likely to continue for the time being the future procurement competition expect to intensify further.

* Paper journal from 12/6


Low water wash!? Eco-a teacup ' development"

In Arita town, Saga Prefecture ceramic Research Center inside the porcelain bowl with convex (this) ' eco
developed a teacup. This reduces the rice sticking by a lot of small convex area


During its operation, to reduce CO2 fluffy Axel""

Automobiles fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel gives big influence on global warming. Even called e start during the launch of fluffy Axel" is not only reduces the environmental load and to practice
be the savings on gasoline. Pedal to the metal at a pace much be 20 km/h in 5 seconds of the first set foot on the accelerator lightly soit: how the legs into Axel from the brake quickly without moving from slowly. This can save gasoline more than 80 L over the years


Learn environmental protection to Disneyland Hong Kong S.A.R.

Hong Kong S.A.R. is originally 4% regional nature reserve and even Lantau Island Disneyland Hong Kong S.A.R. is one natural environmental protection reserves. For that is done while protecting the natural development of Disneyland Hong Kong S.A.R., nature trail exists 88 species of plants and 35 different kinds of butterflies. Inspiration Lake's secret spots, not known to the Japanese. You can relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the city in a vast natural park 30 ha around the artificial lake is attractive. Is really collaboration of recreational and eco and nature protection area, the amusement park!

* Excerpt from the environmental goo

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Joetsu City garbage bags are increasingly eco-on

Now, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture designated garbage bags are targeting the. Trash has decided to use the pellets produced by eCos factory Honjo-Shi, Saitama, about 6% of plastic bags to recycling of plastic containers and packaging. Pellet's, plastic molding processing raw material sphere. Garbage bag manufacturing and local agrifuture attached to propositions. To achieve recycling resources this citizens cooperated in the separated garbage collection is reused by the citizens, are expected to become.

* Environmental news from 11/17


Trying to take advantage of the thrift shop

No longer in your home, clothes or furniture, household goods? As it's a waste! Take a look at the recommended utilization of recycling shops. Thrift in Iwaki-City, collected in the recycling bin of the Super at work of persons with disabilities in the cleaning of industrial reworked that is likely. Saga Prefecture, used clothing and necessities are buys office furniture became unnecessary in the Office, of course, shop and shop purchase, a school uniform has outgrown such lot. Let's help you get local recycling information to people in trouble.

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* Recycling shop list of Saga Prefecture"


Recycled paper frontiers of Asia-Singapore-

Recycled paper journal visited Singapore in early October. Singapore rather than one paper maker, was recycled in 2009, with 550000 tons recoveries and 81% is. It visited SembCorp taper per recycling waste yard, mainly cardboard and newspapers, such as 6 varieties, that handle 7,000 ~ 7500 tons per month. Noteworthy is the consciousness of safety measures in height. Points, such as the iron fence of a barricade to collapse with fire safety measures and the cargo with reference to numerous debilitating.

* Paper journal from 11/1


Increase ecosystem's night-blindness line planting

Found that compared to before developing an artificial landscape of the Sapporo Dome, and 1.5 times more types of wild birds. The point is analysis power stood night-blind line in the investigation stage. Bird results planting species of plants and trees on decided to kind of look around the environment and ecosystems in advance, attract birds, birds like the temporary decreased to 18 species found 36 species this summer. Also as well as bird and butterfly is 3 times the ear sewer a 4 x increase. Rare and confirmed changes in the large-scale development in the ecosystem, may tip will make rich ecosystems in urban areas.

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Was a hottie and survive the winter!

From this cold season, sleep without heating appliances, such as air conditioning is when you try use the 'Hottie' is?? Experienced hottie is fashioned from one's feet warm, Walnut towel and pouring hot water heating appliances, but recently the color or pattern cute design. To save time at bedtime with air conditioning was approximately 1 hour and electric bills will save approximately 690 Yen monthly. Also recommended to those concerned about dryness by conditioning skin and throat. Them the next morning, a little over hot water to wash, and in addition provides eco-life.

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2008.8.24 Participated in the Ariake Sea Clean Up Operation 2008, which was held jointly by four prefectures in the name of the Act Clean Saga Campaign. We cleaned up the area around the "Ariake Sea Coast" in Higashi Yoka-cho, Saga-shi. We also cooperated in the Act Clean Campaign with our employees taking the lead in the local clean up activities.
2008.07.31 We Made Our First Website


2007.8.27 Received Gold Prize at the 28th Saga Advertising Contest for TV CMs by producing 《Handing down the "clean Earth" to future generations》