Why do we have to separate garbage?

We can raise the recycling rate (recyclable rate) by separating garbage.For example, paper and corrugated paper cannot be recycled unless they are separated.If they are mixed, they will be unevenly colored or they will not be recycled.

What do you recycle at Iwafuchi's?

We process used paper, waste plastic, plastic bottles, metals, and industrial wastes.

Why used paper should not be wet?

Once it is wet, the fibers may get rotten.Since its usable rate as raw material pulp is decreased, it is not so desirable.

Don't styrofoam trays produce toxic substances when they are burnt?

Styrofoam trays do not produce toxic substances.Polystyrene (materials of styrofoam trays) becomes carbon dioxide and steam in complete combustion.It neither produces any smoke nor leaves hardly any ashes behind.However, burning it at home is not recommended at all since the supply of oxygen is insufficient and it soils the washing, causing trouble in the neighborhood.

What is the difference between industrial wastes and general wastes?

General wastes are the garbages produced at homes or offices, and pieces of furniture are also recognized as general wastes.Industrial wastes are hard to process using the same processing method as that processes general wastes, and are produced in the manufacturing process either at manufacturing factories or processing factories.A manifest slip is required for the processing of industrial wastes.

What will become of the garbage that was "sorted out"?

We separate what is renewable for recycling and entrust what is not renewable to special waste disposers for proper processing according to the law.

What kind of product is it recycled into?

It is recycled into a variety of products such as recycled paper, clothing, curtains, stationery, packing materials, and various types of bottles.

Why do you have your factories and business offices scattered around?

We are confident in our capability to recycle renewable resources in one factory alone, but we don't think we will be satisfying all your needs if we simply waste precious energy such as fuel by transporting the resources.We do believe that we will be able to construct an environment-friendly recycling system by building a network,