Our Security Policy

1.Our Fundamental View
 We collect information of those who make use of this website to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services (provision of information through our homepage and acceptance of various opinions. etc.) provided at this website.We will handle the collected information appropriately within the limits of the purpose of use.
2.Range of Information that can be collected
(1) This website collects such information as IP addresses, etc. automatically.This website also collects information about your web visits, etc.
(2) Your opinion, suggestion or inquiry we have received may contain such information as your name, address, telephone number, etc, which can be filled in at your discretion.Also note that the sender's mail address is displayed on the receiving end.
3.Purpose of Use
(1) 2(1)We will use the information collected in 2 (1) as reference for the smooth operation of the services provided at this website.
(2) 2(2)We will use the opinions, etc. collected in 2 (2) as a useful reference when we plan our future measures and policies.Please note that we may send your opinion or inquiry to the person in charge according to its content.
4.Restriction of Use and Provision of Information
 Except when it is requested by law or when there is an illegal act such as an unauthorized access or a threat, etc. or when there is a special reason, we will neither use the information we have collected for other purposes than mentioned in 3, nor will we provide the information thus collected to any third party.However, such information as access information on this site and user attributes, etc., which was processed statistically, might be made public.
5.Range of Application
 This security policy is applied only to this site.
6.Handling of Personal Information at Link Destinations
We take no responsibility whatsoever for the handling of personal information at the websites that are linked from this website.
  This security policy may be modified as needed by Iwafuchi Co.Ltd.